Fitbit Adds Female Health Tracking And Quick Replies

Fitbit Adds Female Health Tracking And Quick Replies

Fitbit announced its new female health tracking feature alongside the Versa at an event back in March.

The wearables company will be one of the first to support female health tracking natively when it lands first on iOS and Windows this week, and on Android later this month.

For female health tracking, Fitbit details the ability to track menstrual cycles and symptoms, which should help optimize your health goals and life planning. In other words, the Quick Replies you use for texts can be different from the ones you use for a Twitter notification.

And it gets smarter as you log. Fitbit says it takes about two cycles for the app to really get to know your cycle to make more accurate predictions. Dexcom's app will be available in the second half of the year, while the rest of the app and clock faces that aren't available today should go live by summer 2018.

Will you be buying the new Fitbit Versa smartwatch?

Will dating feature make Facebook a major threat to data privacy?
According to Facebook, "potential matches will be recommended based on dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends". The prototype was built around local, in-person events, allowing people to browse other attendees and send them messages.

You can also customize your own replies to text messages and messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, although there is a 60-character limit.

On the Ionic and Versa meanwhile, you can now track where you are in your cycle, view when your period is expected, and predict your upcoming fertile window in the on-device dashboard (by swiping up from the clock face). The Versa even offers fitness guidance via Fitbit Coach and allows for swim tracking, boasting a water-resistance up to 50 meters.

The Fitbit App Gallery has over 700 apps and clock faces, as of Versa's launch.

Enter a simple but detailed and comprehensive tool aiming to help the ladies gain a better understanding of how their body works, as well as providing "personalized insights" into how your cycle impacts your activity, sleep, weight and nutrition, and "potentially how these things can affect your cycle". The app also includes "judgment-free" information on ovulation and fertility, and a community tab to connect to other women so you can all sync up or something.

Have at 'em, Fitbit users. Users will have access to apps like Walgreens which allows you to access the closest Walgreens pharmacy when you need to pick up a prescription, or Sickweather which is an app that scans social networks for illness around your area.

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