Mega Man 11 Release Date Confirmed, New Trailer Released

Mega Man 11 Release Date Confirmed, New Trailer Released

If you've never played a game in the series before, now is a good time to jump on board.

The Singapore PlayStation Store may have inadvertently leaked the release date for Capcom's anticipated Mega Man 11.

The new trailer confirms that the new game will be fully voiced in English. Mega Man 11 will introduce a brand-new Double Gear system, which should dramatically change up the gameplay.

Mega Man is back!

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The game will see the Blue Bomber face long-time foe Dr. Light came up with when they were classmates at Robot University. The series has been very successful for the Japanese video game company, with total sales of the many Mega Man games exceeding 30 million units. Wily is up to his nefarious ways by using a new Double Gear system to create even more formidable bosses in a ploy to take over the world. It will be the first mainline game in the Mega Man franchise to be released since 2010's Mega Man 10.

Dr. Wily also has new Robot Masters ready to face the Blue Bomber. Players will now have a weapon wheel at their disposal to quickly toggle through new powers.

Using the Double Gear system, players will be able to enhance Mega Man's speed and power as they play. The Power Gear allows him to charge the Mega Buster to a new level. It's a combination of both the Speed Gear and the Power Gear which can only be utilized when Mega Man is at critical health. Capcom has announced the Blue Bomber will return October 2. Mega Man 11 will arrive on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 2nd, 2018. You can pre-order today.

In addition, Capcom confirmed each character will be voice-acted and showed more footage of Fused Man and Block Man.

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