Trump tweets he will give full pardon to Dinesh D’Souza

Trump tweets he will give full pardon to Dinesh D’Souza

Kim Kardashian West arrived at the White House Wednesday with an improbable mission: Convince the "law and order" president to use his clemency powers to bestow mercy on those who have been wronged by our nation's criminal justice system.

This is Trump's fifth pardon.

Though he was spared prison time, D'Souza was sentenced to five years of probation and a $30,000 fine.

A 1983 graduate of Dartmouth, D'Souza served as a policy analyst for the late President Ronald Reagan and as a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Though past presidents have waited until the end of their term for controversial pardons, Trump has granted clemency to four people during his first 16 months in office. "More obstruction!" Harvard Law School constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe wrote on Twitter.

The remarkable thing about Trump's pardons is that a lot of them have been extremely political and either sent political messages or settled political scores. "He doesn't care about the rule of law".

When Trump says D'Souza was being "unfairly" he probably probably means prosecutors went after D'Souza so aggressively because of politics (Barack Obama was the president and D'Souza had created and released an anti-Obama documentary before the 2012 election).

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"Trying to send a message to Michael Cohen?" asked U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat.

D'Souza also personally contributed $10,000 to the campaign of Republican Wendy Long, who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in NY in 2012.

D'Souza once called on comedienne Rosie O'Donnell to be prosecuted for violating campaign finance laws in a fashion similar to his case.

Some conservatives complained of selective prosecution against D'Souza. He also produced the films "2016: Obama's America" and "Hillary's America". "KARMA IS A BITCH DEPT: @PreetBharara wanted to destroy a fellow Indian American to advance his career".

Stewart and Blagojevich both were involved with Trump's "Apprentice" reality TV television show.

Arpaio is running in the Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona.

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