Brzezinski: Trump Is a ‘Stone Cold Racist,’ I Stand By It

Brzezinski: Trump Is a ‘Stone Cold Racist,’ I Stand By It

Ron DeSantis (R-FL) reacted to remarks from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who had said the Federal Bureau of Investigation had done exactly what they were supposed regarding allegations of surveilling members of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. Giuliani stressed that Trump had every right - whether in person or on social media - to "express how he feels" about Sessions, but suggested it was a distraction to his legal team's efforts to fight back against the ongoing investigation.

Gowdy said he too would have been "frustrated" in such a situation if not told ahead of time that his attorney general would not handle "the most important case in the office".

Presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani and former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg say Mr. Trump acted within the bounds of his presidential authority. I don't think he would ever flip on Donald Trump.

The Justice Department convened briefings on the confidential source last week, including one for Gowdy and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes. In October 2017, senior Justice Department officials gave lawmakers from both parties a readout on the 2016 briefing after Republicans demanded to see documents about the Russian Federation investigation and related matters. If they were really concerned about the Russians infiltrating a campaign (hoax), then why not try to stop it?

Trump latched on to that portion of the retiring Gowdy's interview.

On Wednesday, Gowdy said he had "never heard the term "spy" used" and did not see evidence of it. The Washington Post posted a piece titled "Trey Gowdy exposes the GOP's cowardice".

President Trump in Nashville tonight
Blackburn and Bredesen are expected to face off in a general election that is considered a toss-up by Fox News. However, the sometimes Trump critic would have likely lost to Blackburn in the primary.

On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah went after President Trump for his constant "Spygate" push. The investigation unearthed the existence of Clinton's private email server, which triggered an FBI inquiry and became a key issue in her 2016 presidential campaign against Trump. And why the [former FBI Director James] Comey FBI didn't do it?

The case that Sessions' protectors have outlined to Trump time and again largely consists of three components: Firing Sessions, a witness in Mueller's investigation of obstruction of justice, would add legal peril to his standing in the Russian Federation probe; doing so would anger the president's political base, which Trump cares deeply about, especially with midterm election looming this fall; and a number of Republican senators would rebel against the treatment of a longtime colleague who was following Justice Department guidelines in his recusal. "He is not the current target of the investigation".

Sessions has given no indication he intends to resign and defended his recusal in March. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

"'Unrecuse" doesn't say, "Bury the investigation.' It says on the face of it: Take responsibility for it and handle it correctly", Giuliani said.

"It makes him, I think, appear weak and indecisive to be so critical of a cabinet secretary", Gonzales said.

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