What Happened to Roseanne Barr: When Twitter Trumped Reality

What Happened to Roseanne Barr: When Twitter Trumped Reality

While Roseanne as we know it is officially dead and gone, it does seem as though ABC may consider finding another way in which for the series to move forward.

Despite her insistence that her followers not defend the tweet, Barr on Wednesday morning retweeted a number of conservative users who suggested that liberal commentators should be fired for making insensitive jokes about President Trump, seeming to point to a double standard in Barr's firing.

A second season of Roseanne Barr's revived sitcom was canned in the wake of a tweet she made about former President Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. "Will I ever recover from this pain? omg", she tweeted later.

She also blamed Ambien for her outburst, saying she posted the tweet at 2 a.m. while on the insomnia-treating drug.

But Sanofi, the company that makes Ambien, was not having a bar of Barr's bullshit.

Barr deleted her tweet about Jarrett not long after posting it.

Asked if that was a problem in her own family, Barr said, "We had some pro-Hillarys and some pro-Trump, and there was a lot of fightin'".

Oh, and if you were wondering whether those lovable pranksters at Dictionary.com got involved... of course they did.

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Barr's ex-husband and former Roseanne writer, Tom Arnold, told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday he believes Barr self-sabotaged, but he tried to intervene before it happened.

"Roseanne's Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have chose to cancel her show". They do it because we have a white trash racist president. It's also worth noting that Barr has a history of retweeting conspiracy theories.

While Barr has apologised for her tweet about Jarrett, she has also repeatedly defended it - calling her words "insensitive, not racist".

She later said: "I think Joe Rogan is right about ambien".

Barr's Twitter hiatus was short-lived, however, as the star has once-again taken to the social media site to fire off a flurry of tweets. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted two of Barr's statements about Soros, although not the remark about Jarrett.

"You throw me under the bus. nice!" she said in a tweet directed at Fishman.

"Good riddance", he tweeted about the "Roseanne" cancellation.

Comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani said he is "glad Roseanne is cancelled".

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