Pot May Soon Be Legal in Canada, But Crimes Will Stand

Pot May Soon Be Legal in Canada, But Crimes Will Stand

"The reality is the federal government has made a decision to legalize marijuana in Canada", said Farr.

The bill heads back to the House of Commons, where MP's will approve, reject or modify changes before returning the bill to the senate for another vote.

"Unfortunately, this bill makes marijuana more accessible to teenagers, particularly, than ever before, and it's very concerning", Housakos told reporters after the vote.

Conservative suspicions were further fuelled by the fact that two senators appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday were sworn in Thursday in time to vote for the bill - something Conservative Sen.

The initial timeline for legal pot sales called for it to be available by July 1, Canada's national day, but fall now appears more likely. Other amendments include more stringent rules for advertising and marketing cannabis and cannabis-related products and promotional merchandise such as T-shirts and baseball caps.

Once finalized, the move will make our northern neighbor only the second country to permit widespread cannabis sales and use, and increases pressure on Congress to act on similar proposals for the United States. "We have some of the highest youth consumption rates in the world, an illegal cannabis market worth upward of $6 billion annually, we know it's harmful for kids, especially younger kids ... and we had a government that wanted to tackle those issues".

Canada's government is one step closer to legalizing marijuana sales and could launch marijuana sales by late summer.

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A new bill moving through the California legislature would require licensed cannabis dispensaries to ask consent before selling or sharing a customer's private information, protecting legal weed consumers from potential data misuse. Warren said. "These archaic laws don't just hurt individual people, they also prevent businesses, who are in the marijuana business, from getting access to banking services". This just says that if a state like MA or Colorado decides to legalize, then that would be allowed under federal law.

"In many countries, especially in Canada, it is easier (as a minor) to buy a joint than buy a beer", Trudeau said. "Organized crime is making huge sums of money on the illicit sale of marijuana".

However, he added the allies he spoke with "are interested in seeing how things go. before they try it", without specifying which nations.

Pot sales would be through authorized retail stores much like the current situation regulating alcohol sales in Quebec and Ontario.

A total of 105 businesses have been authorized to grow marijuana and offer pot-based products. "The government is being clear that this has investments in public health, community health and harm reduction".

Mr Trudeau's promise to legalize recreational marijuana has fueled investment and speculation in the cannabis sector, with cultivators like Aphria and Canopy Growth becoming stock market darlings.

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