China, Russia, cementing rising Eastern bloc as Trump rattles G7

China, Russia, cementing rising Eastern bloc as Trump rattles G7

The G7 group consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the US.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe - a veteran of seven G7 leaders' meetings - said the Charlevoix summit featured heated exchanges, the likes of which he has never seen.

"We both believe that the current trade protectionism has increased, and there are many uncertainties in the recovery of the world economy".

Trump's recent tariffs follow a year of policy making that has distanced the US from traditional allies, including Trump's decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal.

In an interview Sunday on German public television, Merkel also says European leaders won't be "taken advantage of" on trade.

Donald Trump accused the European Union of a "brutal" approach to trade with the United States and warned that retaliating to American steel tariffs would be a mistake.

In his short message, Kim Jong Un stated that Russian Federation had undergone massive developments since gaining its sovereignty 28 years ago, and the credit for most of that was dedicated to President Putin, who according to the DPRK, succeeded in building a powerful Russian Federation under his courageous leadership. But he downplayed the tension, saying, "When it all straightens out, we'll all be in love again". Just to make clear how much contempt he has for this whole exercise, Trump left the gathering early, meaning he not only skip the meeting on climate change (of course), but he wasn't around for the traditional conclusion, when the members craft a joint statement and hold a press conference and photo opportunity where they show their unity by standing side by side.

He said that Russian Federation did not choose to leave the G7 and would be happy to host its members. They are also a fresh reminder that efforts by other leaders to woo Trump in hopes of swaying his opinion have been largely unsuccessful. "I think it will be very positive", Trump said, without giving details.

Nearly immediately after US President Donald J. Trump caused a major rift in the Euro-Atlantic alliance by castigating his closest allies in the UK, Canada, and Germany by refusing to endorse a communique that called for an worldwide, rules-based trade regime, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte joined Trump in further infuriating the Western alliance by for Russia's return to the global forum.

Israeli troops kill 4 Palestinians as Gaza demonstrations resume
Israel captured east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war and annexed the area in a move that is not internationally recognised. Around 2 million people live in Gaza , a lot of them the stateless descendants of refugees from what is now Israel.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Russian Federation would not be invited back to join the Group of Seven nations until it stops interfering in the affairs of other countries, rebuffing calls from US President Donald Trump for Moscow to return to group.

Mr Putin spoke during a meeting ahead of a summit in Beijing featuring their two countries and six Asian states. "And if it's not fixed, then we're not going to deal with these countries".

"Russia is focused on other formats, apart from the G7", Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a brief statement reported by the government-controlled Sputnik news agency.

The difference is that when Moscow does it we call it aggression.

Washington's relations with Moscow have been particularly strained in the wake of the 2016 USA presidential election, which US intelligence agencies said was targeted by Russian Federation. I have been Russia's worst nightmare.

In his remarks to reporters on the White House lawn before departing for Canada Friday morning, Trump touched on a wide range of topics.

President Trump doesn't want anything to do with that. "Economic globalization and regional economic integration are the trend of the times", Xi said.

Stepping onto the world stage for a pair of high-profile summits, President Donald Trump is scrambling the usual breakdown of allies and adversaries. Ali was convicted in 1967 of avoiding military service.

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