Merkel disappointed by Trump's u-turn on G7 statement Europe 09:35

Merkel disappointed by Trump's u-turn on G7 statement Europe 09:35

Highlighting that the document is still "legally-binding" as far as Germany is concerned, Merkel said she would uphold it but her patience after Trump's about-face had worn thin.

A photo showing Angela Merkel and the rest of the world leaders towering over US President Donald Trump in an improm7 ptu meeting held in between bilateral talks in Quebec, Canada has blown up online, cropping into memes with hilarious and politically suggestive captions.

President Trump nevertheless caused controversy at the summit after refusing to sign the final communique shortly after leaving Canada, and launching a personal attack on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The summit did not mark the end of the transatlantic partnership between Europe and the U.S., Merkel said.

French President Emmanuel Macron appears to command attention in a photo he shared to Twitter.

Merkel singled out Macron's hope for a jointly managed investment budget of "one or two percent of gross domestic product" in the single currency area as overambitious. The source did not say Trump explicitly said he wanted all German-made cars out of the US.

The bid to gloss over the divide might see the reputation of the G-7 salvaged instead of becoming an unprecedented casualty of USA tariffs, disagreements over climate change and the future of the Iran deal.

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According to Merkel, the return of Russian Federation in the G8 format is possible with visible progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

The picture has since gone viral on the Internet, and Mr Trump raised it himself at the news conference after he was asked about his relationship with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At the summit, Trump refused to endorse a group deal, saying other members use unfair trade practices against the United States.

Trump was reportedly infuriated by Trudeau's comments during the news conference.

Merkel reiterated that Europe has to take its destiny in their hands, sometimes together with Japan and Canada, in the face of a US President who has a clear agenda, Xinhua reported.

Berlin, Germany―World Trade Organization chief Roberto Azevedo warned Monday against a damaging "escalation" of trade tensions between the United States and other major economies, following a divisive G7 summit.

"In a culture of open discussion, it's possible that we don't agree on all points", Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters on Friday. "International cooperation cannot depend on anger or small words".

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