Trump tweets immigrants who "invade" USA not entitled to court hearings

Trump tweets immigrants who

US President Donald Trump has said that undocumented people entering the United States should be immediately deported without any judicial process, reiterating his tough stance on immigration.

"We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in - we're stopping a lot of them", Mr. Trump said in the Cabinet Room during an hourlong meeting that reporters were allowed to document.

The American immigration system is unfair to those who came to the United States legally and are waiting in line for years, President Donald Trump said today as he once again pushed for a merit-based immigration system.

Trump's tweets on Sunday came after a week of global outcry over images and video of crying children and their distraught parents separated at the U.S. -Mexico border.

The call to abandon due process Sunday in some ways echoed part of his executive order, which seeks to detain immigrant families indefinitely, a stance that courts have said violates the rights of the children.

The US President went on to say that the existing immigration policy ends up piling a huge disadvantage on Americans who follow the legal route and wait for years to get citizenship.

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The compromise bill would earmark $23 billion for construction of a border wall, a priority for Trump, and make steep cuts to legal immigration programs, a potential poison pill for Democrats.

An immigration bill that mirrored Trump's priorities failed last week as 41 Republicans, including all five from New Jersey, voted no. Plus, it took several days for the government to say how it planned to reunite families and where the separated children were located.

Immigration, which has been a cornerstone of the Trump administration from his first day in office, has been a topic of heated discussion over the last few weeks.

"Rather than encouraging people to vote for it, (Trump) gave them a reason not to vote for it by saying 'What's the point of having the vote if the Senate isn't going to pass it?'" he said.

Once it was evident back in 2016 that Donald Trump would be the likely presidential nominee for the GOP, Will left the Republican Party. Trump said during a round-table discussion in May.

His tough comments come after he was forced to back down on his zero-tolerance approach to migrant children. The Facebook page for the Red Hen in Lexington was awash with commentary, much of it bitterly criticizing owner Stephanie Wilkinson's decision Friday night to boot the White House press secretary from the premises in the rustic community nearly 200 miles southwest of Washington.

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