French convict escapes from prison via a helicopter

French-Algerian career criminal Redoine Faid broke out of a Paris prison on Sunday in a daring escape.

Follow the Bangor Daily News on Facebook for the latest ME news. It marked the second time in less than five years that Faid has absconded from a maximum-security penitentiary.

The helicopter was later found in a northeastern suburb of Paris about 60 kilometres from the prison, one source said, adding that a police search has been launched across the entire Paris region.

"It was a spectacular escape".

Faid and his accomplices escaped from the prison courtyard - which was unprotected by a net - without injuring anyone, French news website Europe 1 reports.

Faid was convicted for the murder of the policewoman along with two accomplices, all considered involved in the deadly shooting.

The commandos also used smoke bombs to shield their movements from surveillance cameras, Belloubet said.

The 46-year-old is serving a 25-year sentence for a failed cash-transport van robbery in 2010 during which a police officer was killed. The gunmen then removed Faid from the visiting room, where he had been talking with his brother, and fled in the helicopter.

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Once they had their man in the helicopter they flew it right across the city of Paris before abandoning it near to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in the north east of the city.

Faid's accomplices took hostage a flying instructor from a small flying school in Fontenay-Trésigny commune, and ordered him to fly to the prison. All the hostages were released unharmed. Faid was talking with his brother at that time.

Faid, who has a cult following in the tough immigrant suburbs outside Paris where he grew up, has made several television appearances.

Faid is a well-known criminal in France, particularly after his high-stakes escape from prison in 2013.

He was captured on May 29, 2013 when authorities found him hiding out at a hotel in Pontault-Combault, east of Paris.

Redoine Faid previously said his life of crime was inspired by films such as "Scarface".

He was arrested in 1998 following a global manhunt that tracked him to Switzerland and Israel.

Faid's first escape from jail back in 2013 had been less dramatic, featuring the use of dynamites instead. In 2001, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for armed robbery. His prison break marked the 12th time since 1986 that an inmate in France has used a helicopter to flee prison walls.

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