1South Africa to view longest eclipse in a century

1South Africa to view longest eclipse in a century

"The moon is always in flawless line with the Sun and the Earth, so we don't get a lunar Eclipse in every lunar cycle, said brad Tucker, an astronomer at the Research school of astronomy and astrophysics at the Australian national University". The eclipse will also be visible in the region covering Australia, Asia, Russia - except the northern part, Africa, Europe, east of South America and Antarctica. From 21h30 until 23h13, it will be totally eclipsed, but faintly lit by light refracted by the Earth's atmosphere, which should give it a pale reddish colour.

NASA said the total lunar eclipse will last almost two hours Friday night, turning the moon a reddish orange color.

A partial lunar eclipse is essentially when a bit of the moon enters the Earth's umbra (as opposed to the whole of the Earth's umbra).

Mostly a lunar eclipse occurs twice or thrice a year, but this one will be rare owing to its long duration and visibility from globally.

Lunar fans across the United Kingdom will be able to catch a glimpse of the spectacular event during which the moon's surface is stained red.

Eclipse Medication: Find a place outdoors or by a window where you can sit with a clear view of the Moon. If the summer weather cooperates, the eclipse will be visible from the Netherlands. On the other hand, the next lunar eclipse is closer and will occur on January 21 2019, it will not be visible in India.

Pastor John Hagee
Pastor John Hagee

"It will last several hours - when you get a real feeling of the Earth and moon shifting in space", astronomer Tom Kerss, of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, which will live stream the eclipse, told The Guardian.

When the full moon moves into Earth's shadow, it will darken, but it won't disappear.

The Earth's shadow will cover the moon for 1 hour and 43 minutes, according to NASA.

The moon will pass through the centre of the Earth's shadow, giving rise to what is known as the Deep Red Blood Moon. For the Egyptians, the eclipse serves as a sow swallowing the moon for a brief time.

As if the eclipse isn't enough to hold our attention, Mars will be its closest and brightest to its neighbours since 2003. Only North America misses the show this time.

Later its partial phase will start at 03:19am, and the penumbral eclipse will end by 4:29am. "A Blue Moon is the second full moon during a calendar month", said Duari, who also termed the year 2018 as "a year of lunar eclipses".

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