‘Blood moon’ leaves Kenyans open-mouthed, next one in 2090

‘Blood moon’ leaves Kenyans open-mouthed, next one in 2090

So far, 2018 has been a year filled with several rare celestial experiences: we got to witness rare lunar events in the form of super moon, blue moon and a total lunar eclipse in January.

Dr Duncan Steel, of Otago's Centre for Space Science Technology, said the colouration of this so-called "blood moon" - a spectacle shrouded in ancient superstition - was due to some sunlight leaking through Earth's atmosphere and reaching the moon.

The so-called "blood moon", when it turns a deep red, was visible at different times in Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America when the sun, Earth and moon lined up perfectly, casting Earth's shadow on the moon. Scientists call this kind of moon a "blood moon".

Australians were treated to a celestial extravaganza this morning, as a historic lunar eclipse dazzled early morning risers across the nation.

Unfortunately, if you live in North America, you won't be able to see the lunar eclipse in person.

Tshwane residents hope for a cloudless night tonight for a clear view of the lunar eclipse. Will there be any positive or negative impact of this astronomy incident? However, there still is a way using which it is possible to view the "blood moon" - live stream on YouTube. There are a lot of myths related to Chandra Grahan in India but if you are a skygazer it doesn't really matter.

However, babies born today have a chance to watch the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century on September 8, 2090. The eclipse is estimated to start in India at 11:44pm IST on Friday night and the total lunar eclipse 2018 is expected to begin at 1am IST.

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth stands between its natural satellite and the Sun.

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The special lunar event will last for a whopping one hour and 43 minutes.

The moon will also take on a reddish-orange look Friday night for longer than at any time in the next century.

The Earth's red shadow will begin creeping across the moon at 1:15 p.m. Generally, there are three lunar eclipses occurring in any given location per year, though some years there can be none.

The most dramatic is the total lunar eclipse, in which the earth's shadow covers the moon. This happens thanks to the earth's atmosphere and the effects its red and orange wavelengths have.

During totality the moon will be completely in the Earth's shadow.

A "Blood Moon" occurs when the moon lines up with the Earth and sun, with the Earth's atmosphere refracting the light onto the moon causing it to turn red.

On the same day as the eclipse, the planet Mars will be at its brightest as it travels close to Earth.

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