Donald Trump won’t tolerate foreign interference in midterm elections: White House

Donald Trump won’t tolerate foreign interference in midterm elections: White House

CNN reporter Kaitlyn Collins said she was "dis-invited from the press availability" at an announcement in the Rose Garden because the Trump administration didn't like questions she asked at a venue earlier that day.

But Trump's press conference, in which he suggested that he believed Putin's claims that Russian had no involvement in the U.S. election, sparked anger and frustration even among Republicans.

In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Trump "has a complete and proper understanding of what happened" in 2016.

Mr Trump drew ire at the meeting when he contradicted United States intelligence agencies by backing away from blaming Russian Federation for meddling in the 2016 election.

Earlier this week, Trump postponed a Washington meeting between the two leaders until next year, citing political fallout over Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing and still fruitless "Russiagate" investigation.

Putin said Friday that he was prepared to visit Trump in Washington and that he had also invited the president to Moscow.

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"Regarding our meetings, I understand very well what President Trump said. I repeat once again, if the right conditions for work are created".

Following the backlash in the United States over Trump's cordial public tone with Putin at the Helsinki summit, US and Russian officials backed away from a proposal to schedule a follow-up summit in Washington. "He has this invitation already and I told him about it", according to CNN.

Putin said he and Trump have important matters to discuss, including Iran, the war in Syria, and the looming expiration of the New Start nuclear arms control treaty in 2021.

"Russia isn't abandoning the dollar", Putin said in answer to a question about the sharp decline in its holdings of US Treasuries in April and May.

The US leader has since tried to walk back at least some of his comments.

Trump was meeting Friday with his national security team to discuss threats to the 2018 congressional midterm elections, the first such session he has convened amid warnings from intelligence officials that Russian Federation is again intent on interfering in the US democratic process. He later said he had misspoken at the summit. His invitation for Trump to come to Moscow - whether the invitation has been formally tendered or is only in spirit - also appears to pressure Trump to show whether he is bold and disruptive enough to buck intense criticism at home.

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