National Basketball Association players come to defense of LeBron James

National Basketball Association players come to defense of LeBron James

Donald Trump took to Twitter last night to hurl insults at LeBron James following an interview the basketball star did with CNN's Don Lemon earlier this week.

"(Trump) kinda used sports to kinda divide us", James told Lemon in their sitdown. He has also been frequently critical of the president.

- Matt Barnes (@Matt_NBC4) August 4, 2018LeBron puts children through school.

The interview aired on CNN on Monday night, but Trump's criticism did not come until Friday night.

The "I like Mike" conclusion to the tweet was in reference to the debate over whether Michael Jordan or James should be considered the NBA's all-time greatest.

Trump declared that the dumbest man on television made James look smart. I don't want my future kids growing up in a world where two Black men, accomplished in their field, are called dumb because they disagree with your views.

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Lemon responded to Trump's tweet this morning with a nod to First Lady Melania Trump's campaign against bullying.

James' tweet is especially relevant because the CNN interview Trump was referencing when he disparaged James and Lemon was specifically about LeBron's new school.

President Donald Trump had something harsh to say on Twitter about LeBron James, seen here taking part in the opening of a school for under-privileged children.

In his interview with Don Lemon, James said that sport had offered him the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds and race, adding: "Sports has never been something that divides people".

Others chose to point out Trump seemed to have little issue with white athletes, and had also publicly slammed Stephen Curry, LaVar Ball, Colin Kaepernick, and Marshawn Lynch. I know why. Some of y'all need to start believing what he is showing you.

Ohio Gov. Josh Kasich, a Republican who at times criticizes Trump, tweeted: "Rather than criticizing KingJames, we should be celebrating him for his charity work and efforts to help kids".

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