Oscars To Launch A New 'Popular Film' Category

Oscars To Launch A New 'Popular Film' Category

Details and eligibility requirements of the new category, which will honour "outstanding achievement in popular film", will be forthcoming.

The changes were revealed in a email from John Bailey, the new president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, sent to members on Wednesday.

So let's start with the new category. That same year, the Academy also reinstated a "preferential ballot" for Best Picture voting that allows members to rank films according to preference in that category, rather than simply picking one victor.

The Academy's board also voted to move the 2020 Oscars, the 92nd edition, from February 23 to February 9. Not that films like Beasts of the Southern Wild and Whiplash aren't deserving, but this wasn't necessarily what the Academy had in mind. "Every single one was either nominated or won Best Picture with the exception of 'Snow White, ' which was given an honorary Oscar". That's not what the Academy is doing, and instead they're just adding a separate category for "populist" movies.

- melomys (@melomys)This is the worst idea you've ever had. There are no other details available about the award yet, including eligibility information, but the change is part of a continued effort by the Academy to keep the Oscars "relevant in a changing world".

In previous years, films which have done well at the box office - including Mamma Mia, Avatar and the Mission Impossible franchise - have been snubbed by the Oscars.

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"Here's the ten highest-grossing films, when accounting for inflation aka America's most "popular" films," Palotta wrote. Yes, The Dark Knight is a very different movie than Moonlight, but that doesn't mean they're not both incredible filmmaking feats. The following year, the category was widened from five nominees to ten.

- draemc (@draemc1)a popular film category??? Give me a break.

In order to fit all the awards into the new 3-hour timeslot, certain awards will be presented during commercial breaks. Getting an Oscar nomination is a huge, huge deal, whether it's for Best Actor or Best Costume Design. They always run long. Best stunts (I'm being real on that one)? But they've sought to address it, in years past, by zipping through the technical awards (which are held and taped days before the main Oscars telecast) and hectoring presenters to keep their acceptance speeches pithy. I've watched the Oscars since I was a kid.

- AmyAdamsUpdate (@AmyAdamsUpdate)We already have the People's Choice Awards.

While the Academy did not directly address the falling viewers for the telecast, it did admit that changes were necessary. But I guess if Avengers: Infinity War has a shot at winning "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" it's all worth it.

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