Ruby Rose cast as lesbian superhero Batwoman

Ruby Rose cast as lesbian superhero Batwoman

In an interview with Variety released just hours after the Batwoman casting news broke, Maines addressed the importance of her trailblazing role saying that "It feels fitting to say with great power comes great responsibility".

Ruby Rose was recently cast as the CW DC-Verse's Batwoman, who will debut in the upcoming crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. But don't call her hero yet.

An out lesbian, headstrong activist, and fighter with a Liam Neeson-style set of special skills, Kate is poised to serve as Gotham City's protector and symbol of peace.

Should that introduction prove successful, and should the character prove popular with the fandom, it's a good bet that the Batwoman series will get the green light for its targeted 2019-20 season. The character was first introduced in Detective Comics in 1956 and was reimagined for DC Comics' New 52 as a Jewish lesbian.

The CW can put the Bat-signal away: its new Batwoman is on the scene. Batwoman will be the first outwardly LGBTQ superhero, male or female, on a comic book TV show, which makes it pretty groundbreaking.

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Ruby Rose will be The CW's Batwoman. But the introduction of Batwoman is groundbreaking. This version is named Kate Kane, a tough-as-nails former military school student, and is actually Bruce Wayne's cousin on his mother's side. But he added it had been established that Batman existed in the Arrowverse as the Green Arrow character had made reference to him previously.

The DC shows air on Sky in New Zealand.

"Kate is fully aware of how bad-ass she is whenever she enters a room, even though she prefers to put a smile on your face". It's written by Marguerite Bennett, with pencils by Fernando Blanco, Steve Epting, and Stephanie Hans.

Pedowitz also confirmed that the Arrowverse iteration of the Batwoman character would reside in Gotham City. "I'm unconvinced by what I've seen of Ruby Rose's acting, however".

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