NH Hotel Ordered To Take ‘Immediate Steps’ After Legionnaires’ Outbreak

NH Hotel Ordered To Take ‘Immediate Steps’ After Legionnaires’ Outbreak

The disease is a form of pneumonia caused by inhaling mist or small drops of water contaminated with Legionella bacteria.

Three new cases of Legionnaires' disease have been confirmed at a public housing complex in Harlem.

According to the Public Health Service of Canada, Legionnaires' disease, which is not contagious, is caused by exposure to Legionella, a bacteria found naturally in soil and water. Those 12 people with confirmed cases in Hampton likely acquired their infections from early June to mid-August.

NH DHHS Commissioner Jeffrey A. Meyers issued the order after initial tests conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detected the presence of the Legionella bacteria from multiple sources within the Sands Resort water system, including, but not limited to the hot tub spa. However, individuals who are at a higher risk of the disease should continue to take steps to protect their health, which includes postponing a visit to the area if they are concerned about their health.

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The statement said the hotel was cooperating with all state and federal investigators. Meanwhile, state health experts expect to have test results within the next two weeks.

Bagley said this particular bacterial infection can not be passed from person-to-person.

"Hot tubs are a known source for this bacteria because they contain warm water which allows the bacteria to grow and amplify because there are jets which can disperse the water and aerosolize it", said Chan. The disease is not contracted through swimming or drinking water.

Most healthy people don't get sick from the bacteria, but smokers, the elderly and those with pre-existing lung conditions or compromised immune systems are at higher risk. She said one was contracted out of state, while it's not yet been determined where the other case was contracted.

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