Trump criticizes A.G. Sessions for charges against Rep. Collins

Trump criticizes A.G. Sessions for charges against Rep. Collins

President Donald Trump is attacking his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, over his investigation decisions once again, and this time it's for charging two Republicans with crimes right before the midterm elections.

President Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, suggesting the embattled official should have intervened in investigations of two GOP congressmen to help Republicans in the midterms. What's more, the charges he faces stem from a phone call made in June 2017, months after Trump took office and his pick to lead the Justice Department, Sessions, was confirmed. Typically the agency prides itself on independence from political influence, and investigators are never supposed to take into account the political affiliations of the people they investigate.

"It was over and above what he's done before", Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC told reporters recently. The tweet has sparked fresh criticism that Mr Trump is illegally seeking to interfere with the justice system.

"Only in -- in North Korea the leader may say you may prosecute this person not this person".

As a result of the insider tip, prosecutors say Cameron Collins avoided $570,900 in stock losses and his fiancee's parents prevented a loss of $143,900. "That said, it's high time President Trump fires his ineffective attorney general", Eric Bolling, a close Trump friend and a former Fox News personality, told The Daily Beast on Monday.

Over two tweets, he accused Mr. Sessions of becoming a Democratic tool, apparently over the recent federal indictments of two sitting Republican House members - Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Chris Collins of NY, his earliest supporters in Congress, who were indicted last month within two weeks of each other on unrelated charges.

Both have proclaimed their innocence.

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It's not clear when the Department of Justice started its investigation of Collins, who previously had been under a separate House ethics investigation regarding his investments in Innate.

The investigation into Mr Hunter began under the presidency of Barack Obama, but the Collins inquiry was launched a year ago. While Hunter plans to run for re-election, Collins is stepping down.

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But the first public reports that Hunter was under criminal investigation appear to have surfaced in March 2017, during Trump's presidency.

But after taking a look around - and possibly noting the swamp-like heat and humidity engulfing the capital - he strolled back inside the White House at 10:42. "Really sick!" Trump added.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, who will testify alongside Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, will acknowledge to the Senate Intelligence Committee that the company was too slow to respond to Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 USA election and American society, but insist it is doing better.

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