Galaxy Note 9 reportedly catches fire in woman's purse

Galaxy Note 9 reportedly catches fire in woman's purse

That seems to be the case yet again with the first report of a Galaxy Note 9 catching fire in NY, which could set of a chain of reports and claims, each of which can be true or not. The lady who goes by Diane Chung, a Long Island resident and an estate agent, reported that the phone was very hot while she was using it on September 3 in an elevator.

She alleged that she heard whistling and screeching sound, followed by thick smoke coming out from her purse. As soon as Chung reached the lobby, she kicked the device out of the elevator. She then dropped the bag on the evaluator floor and when she tried to empty it, she claimed to have burned her fingers while she tried to handle the device. In her lawsuit, Chung is seeking unspecified damages and a restraining order to bar the sales of Galaxy Note 9. Calling the experience "traumatic", Chung's lawsuit states that she was unable to call clients, while the Samsung flagship also ruined the contents of her bag.

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Samsung provided the following statement about the incident: "We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note 9 device and we are investigating the matter".

Prior to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's release in August, the company's mobile head, D.J. Koh, assured consumers that the device's battery is "safer than ever". "We've instituted a water-based carbon cooling system that is unique to Samsung, in addition to the eight-step battery safety check we created", Beaumont said. Several cases of Note 7 smartphone catching fire were reportede from across the world, forcing the company to dump 2.5 million devices. Moreover, she also wants Samsung to stop selling Note 9 immediately. Rumors say they may be related to the rear cameras, with a three or even four-lens array a possibility-though Samsung's October 11 Galaxy event that promises "4X fun" could see the unveiling of its first quad-camera phone.

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