How to get the Shortcuts app for iOS 12

How to get the Shortcuts app for iOS 12

The new version of iOS promises to make even your old iPhone faster and more secure.

The Shortcuts app is powerful and full of potential, but once you get into examining all of the actions it may be overwhelming. Then, when you use said phrase to add items to your to-do list, they're automatically categorized and tagged. If you're in it just to get the latest iOS, provide your Apple ID and some basic information about yourself, and pay the membership fee of $99 per year. That issue has been fixed in iOS 12. You can easily see how much time you spent on your iPhone or iPad - what apps are sending you the most notifications, or how often you're picking up your phone.

Apple's newest mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 12, is about to launch. In iOS 12, it gets better, allowing secure password sharing between iOS devices, automatic password generation, and an "audit' feature that lets you know which of your passwords are weak, or used across multiple sites". In iOS 12, apps can integrate with Siri, using something called Shortcuts. Once you've backed up to iCloud and iTunes (read the referenced article for why we say "and"), install iOS 12 by going to Settings General Software Update and tapping Download and Install.

You don't need to follow every single step, but we definitely recommend making sure all of your important data is backed up before you start with iOS 12.

A lot of the changes in iOS 12 are under the hood in the form of performance improvements.

tvOS 12 is out for the 4th gen and 4K Apple TV models.

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The new features aren't game-changing, but they're still extremely welcome, particularly the capability to make and receive phone calls directly (see "HomePod First Impressions: Let the (Apple) Music Play", 12 February 2018, and "Beyond Music: Comparing the HomePod to Amazon Echo and Google Home", 15 March 2018). You can also plug it into your computer and update it via iTunes if you want to do it that way.

The new Shortcuts app allows iOS users to create and setup custom shortcuts to make life easier, with support for Apple's built-in apps and third-party apps which have been updated to support the new app. At 1.5 GB, it's a big download, but it installed reasonably quickly.

If you have an original Apple Watch then you're going to be left out of today's OS update.

You'll be prompted to move your iPhone around to calibrate the Measure app.

At last week's iPhone launch, Apple gave the stage to Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. In fact, your Apple Watch may even suggest an overnight installation.

Once it starts downloading, you'll see a time estimate bar up top; how long you'll wait depends on how many people are trying to upgrade.

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