We’ve All Been Pronouncing Chrissy Teigen’s Name Wrong

We’ve All Been Pronouncing Chrissy Teigen’s Name Wrong

If you've spent the day rocked by the revelation that we've pronouncing Chrissy Teigen's last name all wrong all these years, you're not alone.

It turns out she gave up correcting people and chose to just adopt the wrong pronunciation herself even correcting people to the wrong version when they say it right. Teigen has even candidly discussed her stretch marks, and the 32-year-old doesn't shy away from documenting almost every detail of her everyday life-breastfeeding and nude meal prep included.

This all tracks back to when Ariana Gran-dee revealed that we've been saying her name wrong the whole time.

"I don't excellent of us, ever", she added.

It turns out that we've all been pronouncing Chrissy Teigen's name wrong - including Chrissy, herself.

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While we can't relate to millions of people mispronouncing our surname on a daily basis, we can sympathize with Teigen's all-too-relatable take on keeping a cringe-worthy conversation at bay.

In true Chrissy TIE-GEN fashion, we're choosing to blame John for this one.

She said: "I really prefer being happy and getting to eat things that I love, still wanting to be healthy. I'll change my flight", she continued while responding to another fan. Minutes later, she posted one other video, showing off bruises on her leg. "F-k, I comely fell down the stars", she said in the clip.

However, Teigen's last name actually comes from her dad, Ron Teigen. And no matter how you pronounce it, Teigen has proven that even if people don't say you're name right, it doesn't have to stop you from living your best life.

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