Duchess of Sussex Meghan opens Polynesian exhibition with hongi

Duchess of Sussex Meghan opens Polynesian exhibition with hongi

Another wrote, "Meghan has had voice coaching, she seems much softer, bit like how Kates changed too".

But then she does something insane: The Duchess of Sussex reaches back and closes the auto door herself.

A source close to Meghan claims there is no way she will meet with her estranged half-sister Samantha Markle.

People are calling Meghan humble and down-to-earth because of this gesture.

"A user wrote, "#QueenOfTheWorld Meghan is losing her American accent".

Meghan Markle was arriving at the Royal Academy of Arts to attend the opening of an art exhibit titled "Oceania" in her first solo outing as a royal, when she broke protocol through casually shutting her own vehicle door.

Since then the Duchess of Sussex has been making her own rules and living her life in her own way quite subtly.

"Samantha has always tried to drive a wedge between Meghan and her father, and this is no exception".

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"First time I've seen an on-duty princess shut her own vehicle door", journalist Christopher Wilson reacted on Twitter.

Harry and Meghan's first stop in Brighton next Wednesday will be the iconic Royal Pavilion (pictured).

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a very exciting date in the diary.

Again, we're talking about a simple gesture of shutting a auto door, but you don't mess with Royal protocol.

He said: "Usually royalty and dignitaries have someone to open/close vehicle doors for security reasons: nothing to do with "princess behaviour".

The exhibition, which marks the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy, celebrates the art of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, and the Pacific region, including New Guinea, Easter Island, Hawaii and New Zealand.

"Can't wait to shut my vehicle door a la Meghan later", one quipped.

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