Happy 20th! Ever wondered why the search giant called Google?

Happy 20th! Ever wondered why the search giant called Google?

Google, in fact, has had to face backlash from privacy pundits across the world, for how it goes about, or at least it tries to go about, meddling with search as and when necessary, allegedly propagating the new-age phenomena of fake news. The new name recognized the renewed focus on news rather than predictive search.

To further facilitate and expedite how users search for the information that they need, an activity card will now appear as a thin strip above their searches which will basically contain information about their previous searches and related ones as well. For example, if you choose a city, then the user will see videos from each attraction. "This makes it even easier to keep track of and organize the content you want to revisit", says Fox. You can click on any of the results and see relevant images. Tapping on that will show you what it thinks are interesting parts of each photo, and show you similar products. That's sure to increase engagement with Discover, especially on devices that don't have the Google panel on the home screen. There will also be suggestions of related topics.

Google has unveiled a host of updates to its search product, created to make visual information more useful as pictures and video become more central to the Internet experience.

The feed, called Discover, will show users of the official Google mobile app curated content including news, sport highlights and YouTube videos based on user interests when they sign in.

This year's Google Doodle features alphabet-shaped balloons attached to a gift box with a "play" option.

The video takes a stroll down memory lane and shows popular google searches around the world from the past 20 years.

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Google is also adding what it's calling a "topic layer" to the knowledge graph.

Google is making search results increasingly visual with computer vision.

Google demonstrates its newest search features, include activity cards, smart videos and Google Lens, at its 20th-anniversary event on Sunday in San Francisco. You'll be able to save content from the activity card to your collections. Devoted to its journey of twenty-long years, Google Doodle celebrates with one of its finest videos. I know I dive down the same rabbit holes from time to time.

Google said the stories can show in search, Google Images and Discover features. Or you could hit the name of the topic to see a bunch of content about it. It looks and acts similarly to a Pinterest board in that any search you save to it is easily accessible later. It looks a little bit like Pinterest boards.

The updates would reach users over the next few weeks, Corby added. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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