Epic Games investigating Fortnite crashing on Xbox

Epic Games investigating Fortnite crashing on Xbox

Fortnite season 6 has arrived and it includes plenty of new additions to the game map. This new consumable item changes gameplay completely. The addition of pets will probably be particularly exciting for the Battle Pass faithful, and we're definitely interested in seeing the new pets Epic rolls out in future seasons.

Season 6 of Fortnite will last about 11 weeks, with new weekly challenges coming out for those who get the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks. The season, titled "Darkness Rises", brings a bunch of dark-themed skins, along with a new Haunted Castle and a floating island over Loot Lake. The surrounding area is still a lake, but it has been fractured into multiple levels with some areas of shallow water that make it easier to run across.

Unfortunately, however, the game is down for players on Xbox One.

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This is as close to an official statement as we have right now, but we'll try to update the story when more information is made available. It'll be interesting to watch late-game fights take place in this area now. We'll get into that and one of the most powerful vaulted weapons in Fortnite history in this video as well as every vaulted item in the game. Check out our guide on the new map changes in Fortnite. The hero and villain bases from Season 4 have also been significantly damaged.

Complete the Hunting Party Challenge for one week and you'll get this loading screen, with a not particularly hidden Battle Star floating in the background of a ranch scene.

Here's where you can find a Supply Llama in Fortnite, including tips on where they spawn.

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