Google poised to unveil new Pixel phones, other services

Google poised to unveil new Pixel phones, other services

The new Pixel-branded phones will anchor a product event Tuesday in NY.

That's not everything though - for the very first time, the Pixels come with wireless charging support alongside Google's own charging stand, dubbed the Pixel Stand. However, it was with the original Google Pixel that Google truly got into the hardware game.

What do you think about the new ways to use Google Lens on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL?

The standard Pixel 3 comes with a 5.5-inch display - up from 5-inches on its predecessor - while the Pixel 3 XL has a 6.3-inch display, an increase of 0.3-inches from before. Because Android highlights Google services, it's key to Google's business of selling ads through its search engine and other mobile apps. Top Shot will take multiple frames and pick the best. It will also warn you if someone blinked or if the shot is otherwise poor. But it lacks a zoom lens on either side, something available on some iPhones and Samsung phones.

Google goog is heavily emphasizing that the device should act as the central control for all of the smart-gadgets people might have in their homes. A phone that screens telemarketer calls. You see a transcript of the response on the screen. So trust me, choosing which one you want will be no problem at all based on spec. Callers are warned that they are talking to a robot and that a transcript would be made. Google launched its line of high-end phones two years ago to better compete against Apple, Samsung and other device makers. Night Sight will also be available on older Pixel devices when the feature is released.

The company made the oddball commitment at the launch of two smartphones, a tablet computer, and a smart hub with a screen in New York City, and was one of the few details of the event that had not leaked online beforehand. Verizon is charging $929.99 for the 64GB Pixel 3 XL and $1,029.99 for the 128GB Pixel 3 XL, which is $30 more than Google's direct price. "It's mostly about convenience here".

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Google has sold an estimated 7 million Pixels over the past two years, nearly imperceptible next to the 3.6 billion phones shipped during that time, according to IDC.

The launch comes a day after it revealed that Google has allegedly not disclosed a security bug in Google+ which affects information of hundreds of thousands of users. Google declined to address that further Tuesday, though executives emphasized privacy and security throughout the event in NY. Apple's new iPhone Xs camera offers larger and deeper pixels and with a new sensor creates better image fidelity, greater color accuracy, and reduced noise in low-light shots. This is a similar approach to that taken by the Apple HomePod, but obviously we'd need more time with the speaker to see just how successfully it matches recommendations to your tastes.

It was amusing because Facebook just released a killer home device called the Portal and Portal Plus the day before that emphasized their smart speaker having a smart camera that naturally follow those you're speaking to. Google Home Hub is Google's answer to the Amazon Echo Show.

We "did not put a camera so it's comfortable to use in private spaces of your home like the bedroom", Google's Diya Jolly said. The Home Hub will sell for $149, undercutting the Show and Portal.

Google packed its camera system with a number of features powered by Google AI.

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