How is Bar Refaeli connected to a plot to discredit Robert Mueller?

How is Bar Refaeli connected to a plot to discredit Robert Mueller?

The office of special counsel Robert Mueller requested last week that the FBI investigate alleged offers to pay money to women who would accuse Mueller of misconduct. If a woman publicly comes forward in this climate with allegations against Mueller the thinking is that initial reception would be empathetic: There would be belief and support-and an immediate call for Mueller to recuse himself from his investigation into President Donald Trump.

Multiple U.S. news outlets are reporting that the alleged plot came to light when journalists were emailed on October 17 by a woman who says she was asked to make false claims against Mueller.

Carr offered no details of the case which may be an effort to discredit Mueller as the investigation continues. The special counsel's office says it was alerted to the matter by journalists following up on e-mails from the woman.

The special counsel's office has referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation allegations that women were offered money to falsely accuse Robert Mueller of sexual harassment. Burkman tweeted on Tuesday that he will hold a press conference to "reveal the first victim" of Mueller on November 1.

This is not the first time that Burkman - a GOP lobbyist who has peddled a number of conspiracy theories - has seen his plans to announce some salacious revelation fall apart at the last minute.

Trump gave a simple "no" when asked if Mueller is attempting to issue him a subpoena, Politico reported.

The email said a man claiming to work for Surefire Intelligence made the offer and said his company had been hired by Jack Burkman.

She told reporters she had worked with Mueller, who previously served as FBI Director, as a paralegal at the law firm of Pillsbury, Madison, and Sutro n 1974.

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Shortly after receiving the email, Taub looked up the special counsel's email address online and forwarded the message to Mueller's office.

The Mueller inquiry has yet to produce its final report. Burkman is holding a press conference tomorrow at a Holiday Inn Rosslyn in Alexandria, Virginia. He did not respond when asked by NBC why a telephone number listed on Surefire's website referred callers to another number that's listed in public records as belonging to Wohl's mother.

After reading the entire email referencing Mueller, Taub says she knew something was off.

Although it's unclear whether "Lorraine" actually exists, another woman named Jennifer Taub told the Atlantic that she had also been contacted by a man claiming to be from Surefire Intelligence called Simon Frick who fished about non-existent "past encounters" she had had with Mr Mueller, teasing payment.

Russian Federation denies the allegations that it interfered in the election.

"I have a signed dossier from her", Burkman claimed.

Surefire Intelligence was incorporated in DE less than three weeks ago, according to online records, and describes itself as "a private intel agency that designs and executes bespoke solutions for businesses and individuals who face complex business and litigation challenges".

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