‘Diablo’ is Coming to Mobile

‘Diablo’ is Coming to Mobile

Gamers can expect more classes over time; here's hoping the Bard, Druid, and Amazon return to the game.

Warcraft 3: Reforged is a remaster of the 2002 original and is coming in 2019. Whether it's Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, people spend dozens of hours crafting characters, playing story lines, and enjoying themselves.

This announcement affected not only Diablo fans who were present at that "bloodcurdling" moment, but it also reached the most powerful thing of the 21st century - the social media.

Kotaku spoke with Blizzard's Allen Adham about the controversy who seemed unsurprised by the growing backlash against the singular announcement of a Diablo-themed game.

Blizzard surprised audiences everywhere with the reveal that Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos is getting remastered as Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Over 62 missions will be available to play in the game that spans the continents. For example, you can get an exclusive card back for Hearthstone as well four Warcraft heroes in Heroes of the Storm.

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Orphea is the first hero in the long-running crossover MMO to be completely new, not from any previous Blizzard franchise. Online play will use a modified version of Blizzard's Battle.net interface.

IGN will have multiple interviews with Blizzard developers throughout the weekend and will update this story with any official comment we receive regarding fan reactions or the similarities to Endless of God.

Blizzcon 2018 is now underway and Blizzard has no intention of pulling any punches with announcements for their franchises straight off the bat!

Aside from the Lost Honor cinematic, Warcraft fans also got some news. The highlight is undoubtedly a Meat Wagon mount for World of Warcraft, featuring a fully working catapult.

Prepare to strike from the shadows with the next Commander for StarCraft II's popular Co-Op mode: Zeratul, the renowned psionic assassin.

Q: Will we see a lot of microtransactions or will it be single pay? When not programming or gaming, you can find him heading to the midwest to cheer on his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers.

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