FP’s Guide to the Bolsonaro Presidency

FP’s Guide to the Bolsonaro Presidency

Rosangela Wolff Moro, a lawyer married to the judge, has repeatedly suggested in her Instagram profile that she supported Bolsonaro against left-leaning Fernando Haddad, who was named the Workers' Party candidate after da Silva was barred by electoral authorities over his imprisonment.

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The former army captain huddled with his inner circle at the home of a wealthy backer in Rio de Janeiro to start forming what advisor Gustavo Bebianno called "a combat vanguard" for the new administration. That this campaign promise resonated more with Brazilian voters than they were put off by Mr. Bolsonaro's dangerously regressive outbursts and polarising verbal attacks denigrating women and minorities, supporting torture, and threatening opponents with violence, says much about the mood of the nation today. His ascendance to power is leading many to fear the future of democracy in Brazil is in danger.

"There has been a deindustrialisation for more than 30 years".

He has since backtracked on his pledge to leave the Paris accord.

Bolsonaro has also spoken of moving Brazil's embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, becoming the only major country other than the United States to do so after Trump recognized the disputed holy city as Israel's capital.

One area where Bolsonaro can act immediately, however, is on indigenous rights.

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In an interview on Globo TV's national evening news, Bolsonaro also said he would like crusading anti-graft judge Sergio Moro to become his justice minister and eventually, take a seat on the Supreme Court when an opening arose. He has repeatedly attacked the environment protection agency Ibama, and as president could influence to what extent its operations are funded.

Bolsonaro, a far-right former army captain who will take office january 1, said during an interview after his Sunday election that he would ask federal judge Sergio Moro to be his justice minister or fill a future vacancy on the supreme court.

"These elections revealed the worst in humanity".

The billionaire republican installed for almost two years the White House has called Sunday evening the ex-army captain to congratulate him warmly upon the announcement of his victory.

Despite relatively robust legal protections, Brazil is already the deadliest place for environmentalists, with pressure group Global Witness recording 57 deaths of people protecting land there past year.

He has previously spoken out against lands reserved for indigenous tribes.

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