Another Lion Air Hit a Pole in Bengkulu; Pilot, Aircraft Grounded

Another Lion Air Hit a Pole in Bengkulu; Pilot, Aircraft Grounded

In its safety warning to airlines on Wednesday, Boeing directed them to existing flight crew procedures to address issues with erroneous input from an AOA sensor.

Boeing said the action was taken after the Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee indicated that the Lion Air jet experienced erroneous input from one of those sensors.

Experts have said the angle of attack is a crucial parameter that helps the aircraft's computers understand whether its nose is too high relative to the current of air - a phenomenon that can throw the plane into an aerodynamic stall and make it fall.

An AOA sensor provides data about the angle at which wind is passing over the wings and tells pilots how much lift a plane is getting.

The directive comes a little more than a week after Lion Air pilots operating a 737 MAX 8 lost contact with Soekarno-Hatta's air traffic control (ATC) and crashed into the Java Sea, north of Indonesia's Java Island. A spokesman for the Chicago-based planemaker couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

"The point is that after the AOA (sensor) is replaced, the problem is not solved but the problem might even increase".

"The pilot's success became our reference to give a recommendation to Boeing so they could issue an advice for other airlines to follow the same procedures if the same situation occurs", Soerjanto said. "Is this fatal? NTSC wants to explore this", Tjahjono said.

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Indonesia's Transportation Ministry said it would investigate how the Boeing passenger plane damaged its left wing on the runway. They made a decision to fly on to Jakarta at a lower-than-normal altitude.

An Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8 (C-FSJH) single-aisle narrow-body jet airliner airborne on short final approach for landing at Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, B.C. on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. 737 MAX passenger plane slammed into the sea on October 29, only minutes after takeoff from Jakarta en route to Bangka island near Sumatra. quoted Danang as saying: "Lion Air apologises to all passengers for the inconvenience caused by the incident".

Indonesia's search and rescue agency has extended the search until Sunday.

Authorities were still searching for the cockpit voice recorder, the second so-called "black box".

These included erroneous speed and altitude data that prompted a flight operated the day before the crash to go into a dive that frightened passengers and a made them sick.

A plane owned by low-priced Indonesian airline Lion Air has torn a wing on a runway in Indonesia just days after one of its flights crashed into the Java Sea, leaving 189 dead.

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