Trump faces gridlock after Republicans lose House, keep hold of Senate

Trump faces gridlock after Republicans lose House, keep hold of Senate

Democrat Conor Lamb wins re-election to the House in Pennsylvania's 17th congressional district. They have also defeated a Republican incumbent in Minnesota.

Democrats will pick up at least six and perhaps as many as 11 seats in the 150-member Texas House.

But it remains to be seen whether Democrats' rage will amount to the so-called "blue wave" they've anticipated for almost two years, or whether it's even enough to gain the 23 seats needed to eke out a Democratic majority in the House.

"Sanders spoke to reporters at the White House Tuesday night, as election returns were still coming in". With media outlets projecting the Dems are going to retake the House of Representatives, the party is apparently not waiting for the gavel to start making moves against the president.

And by 9:30 eastern time, NBC had reported that Democrats would win enough seats to take back control of the House of Representatives. Several television networks, including the president's favorite Fox News Channel, yanked a Trump campaign advertisement off the air on the eve of the election, determining that its portrayal of a murderous immigrant went too far.

Yet Democrats' dreams of the Senate majority as part of a "blue wave" were shattered after losses in Indiana, Tennessee, North Dakota and Texas.

Americans voted enthusiastically, with long lines quickly forming at polling stations from NY to California and from Missouri to Georgia.

The first polling stations closed at 6:00 pm Eastern time (2300 GMT) in parts of Kentucky and in, with the last to close seven hours later in Alaska, and results trickling in through the evening.

With the final days of the 2018 campaign interrupted by a spate of politically motivated attempted bombings and a massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, about 2 in 10 Democratic and Republican voters think their own party's way of talking about politics is leading to an increase in violence.

In Indiana, conservative challenger Mike Braun delivered the first upset to Senate Democrats, taking out incumbent Sen.

With New Justice Official, Fate of Russia Probe in Question
If that stands, there are other ways that Trump and a newly simpatico attorney general could complicate Mueller's work. Despite Trump's criticism of the probe as a "witch-hunt", Sessions and Rosenstein both defended Mueller's integrity.

The verdicts in the House and Senate were based on incomplete results as vote counting continued across the country and some states were still voting in a congressional election cast as an unofficial referendum on Trump.

Voter turnout, normally lower when the presidency isn't at stake, could be the highest for a midterm election in 50 years, experts predicted.

Two other sources close to the White House said that Trump is already blaming retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan for the loss of the House. He's campaigned for dozens of candidates at all levels of government.

She says the election is also about stopping what she described as the GOP's attacks on entitlement programs and the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats lost 63 seats in 2010 with Barack Obama in the White House, handing control to the Republicans, who brought Obama's agenda largely to a halt.

Anticipating the possibility of keeping the Senate but losing the House, aides in recent days had laid out the political reality to Trump, who could face an onslaught of Democratic-run investigations. In addition, 36 states and three territories are holding gubernatorial elections. "In the past two years confidence has definitely waned...but I am a hopeless optimist and I hope what we do will be better for the country", he said.

At a poll site in Atlanta, voters waited in the rain in long lines that stretched around the building. Democrats believe that health care is a right for all.

At least 90 women won their elections, with majority being Democrats.

Trump's approval rating was negative among the nation's voters, and more said the USA was on the wrong track than heading in the right direction.

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