FLORIDA FALLOUT: Rick Scott Warns of 'RAMPANT FRAUD,' Sues Broward County

FLORIDA FALLOUT: Rick Scott Warns of 'RAMPANT FRAUD,' Sues Broward County

As of Friday morning, Scott led Nelson by about 15,000 votes, and DeSantis led Gillum by about 36,000 votes.

Several lawmakers have also weighed in, with Democratic Sens. The Nelson-Scott race, as of Friday afternoon, was within 0.18 percentage point, with Scott holding a 14,985 lead with 8.2 million votes counted.

Tim Cerio, an attorney with the Scott campaign, said he has spent the past few days in Broward County and "it's not an overstatement to say it was a shocking experience". But as votes continued to be counted and DeSantis' lead shrank to less than half of a percentage point, Gillum stated demanding a recount.

In the midst of researching the results, Murphy says he made a decision to go to the Palm Beach County website to ensure that his vote was registered. "Take a look at Broward County", he said.

Mr Scott filed lawsuits on Thursday against election supervisors in two counties, accusing them of failing to follow election law. Instead, Scott and the NRSC argue, Bucher and her staff simply used their own judgment when determining voters' intent.

Today the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated, "This morning we spoke with the Department of State and they indicated they had no criminal allegations of fraud".

Scott, expressing concern about "rampant fraud" in the two counties, also directed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate the election offices.

But Broward County is still counting early votes "60 hours after that deadline", and it's the only county in Florida to do so, Rubio tweeted.

"You mean they are just now finding votes in Florida and Georgia - but the Election was on Tuesday?"

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Under Florida law, if a margin of victory is less than.5 percent, a recount is conducted.

Gillum's campaign said it's monitoring the situation with an elections lawyer and readying for a possible state-mandated recount.

"Since that time, it has become clear there are many more uncounted ballots than was originally reported", his spokeswomen Johanna Cervone said in a statement.

DeSantis declined to discuss prospects for a recount, telling reporters he was "very proud to be elected".

Scott's complaint against Bucher alleges that officials illegally refused to allow Republicans, or any witnesses, to monitor the Palm Beach county's handling of damaged absentee ballots.

Boward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes, an elected official herself, has been in the news before with regard to the electoral process, including in May this year, when a court ruled her office improperly destroyed ballots in a 2016 Democratic primary. Easy stuff Lou, like how many ballots were cast?

The fact that a Black woman was presiding over the vote counting process in the pivotal Broward County likely only compounded the apparent anger Republicans were expressing over the elections they thought they won Tuesday night. Elias replied to the lawsuit by tweeting, "Rick Scott just attacked me as a lawyer from Washington DC as he announced a lawsuit literally in the name of the national Republican Party located in Washington, D.C. Pro tip: when you are attacking the otherside's lawyers, you are losing".

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, the Fox News host and informal Trump adviser, said in an interview with Scott on his program on Thursday evening that "somebody needs to go to jail" as a result of the delayed vote counts in Broward County because Scott "won this race hands down".

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