Martha McSally Concedes Arizona Senate Race to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

Martha McSally Concedes Arizona Senate Race to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

In remarks after she was projected the victor, Sinema said her victory was a rejection of "name-calling" and "petty personal attacks", and she paid tribute to a Republican, the late Sen. John McCain died. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey appointed Republican former Sen.

Overall, a win for Ms Sinema would shrink the Republican gains in the Senate to 53-47 if the GOP wins the recount in Florida and the run-off election in Mississippi.

But the real star of her concession video is McSally's dog Boomer, a delightfully unbothered golden retriever who upstages McSally with his blissful, tongue-lolling presence, sitting upright next to her on the couch and making a play for a handshake.

Supporters are also cheering, upon hearing news of Sinema's victory. Jeff Flake's seat, besting Republican Rep. Martha McSally. She did not attack President Donald Trump and treaded lightly on immigration.

Over the weekend, Sinema's lead expanded by more than 32,000 votes after mail-in ballots were counted.

The open seat, vacated by retiring Republican Sen. The result, and the state's growing Latino population, solidified Arizona as a battleground moving forward. The vote counting continued, but rather than closing the gap it seemed as if every new headline had her opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, pulling further ahead.

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McSally hammered Sinema over her former liberal stances and claimed she was pretending to be a centrist.

After the latest rush of ballots, the Associated Press called the race in favor of Sinema - despite the over 150,000 ballots left to be counted.

The Arizona-born politician, who spoke at the Human Rights Campaign gala this year, co-sponsored the Equality Act, which would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to also ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. McSally unsuccessfully tried to paint her as a liberal Democrat. "We can be good people who care deeply about each other even when we disagree".

She was elected to represent Arizona's newly-created 9th Congressional District in 2012. McSally told The Arizona Republic that Sinema "has a lot of explaining to do if you look at her Green Party-pink tutu, proud Prada socialist past and her extreme makeover".

A retired Air Force colonel who made history as the first woman ever to fly in combat, McSally had to first survive a conservative primary challenge.

"Fifth, exits polls in the race showed Sinema hung on to a high percentage of white voters (44 percent) and won big with Hispanics (69 percent), white college graduates (53 percent), white college-educated women (55 percent), voters 18 to 44 years old (59 percent), and voters who ranked health care as the most important issue (77 percent)". He strongly backed last year's tax cut bill but criticized Trump's positions on free trade.

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