How to unlock all the Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles

How to unlock all the Pokemon Let's Go hairstyles

Pokemon GO is growing from strength to strength but now the game has crossed over, working in tandem with the new Nintendo Switch game: Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu and Pokemon Let's GO Eevee. The two main titles that will assist the Nintendo Switch sales considerably are; Pokemon: Let's Go and Super Smash Bros.

One of the most appealing aspects of the original Pokemon Yellow game was the ability to catch all three of the original starter Pokemon from Red and Blue, including the popular fire-type starter Charmander.

What that actually means is that to change your Pokemon Let's Go hairstyle you need to switch to handheld mode, and prepare your fingers for some folicular fondling. Instead of battling the monsters to catch them, you'll collect them by tossing Poke Balls at them, just like you do in Pokemon Go. It's a little but of an involved process, but in no time at all you'll have your beloved Pokemon by your side. Let's Go takes a few cues from the mobile game in an effort to draw those more casual fans over to the Switch for a more fully-fledged Pokemon adventure.

Remember, once Pokemon leave Pokemon Go they can not be retrieved back to that game. In fact, trading is the only way to completely fill out the roster, as each "Let's Go" title features Pokemon exclusive to that game. Once they're in the game, they're in there for good.

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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee are out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Can I transfer Mew to Pokemon: Let's Go? Hit that, then transfer Pokemon by pressing on them and confirming. For example, if you have captured 60 Pidgey that would qualify as 60 types of Pokemon.

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