Apple's Black Friday deals will last four days in 2018

Apple's Black Friday deals will last four days in 2018

Available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch screen sizes, the iPad Pro (2018) comes with some really nifty features, including a super-fast A12X Bionic chipset, and a redesigned Apple Pencil that can now charge wirelessly.

If recent bend tests have you eyeing your new iPad Pro with concern as to how you'll keep it safe in your bag, OtterBox may have the answer. And...the iPad Pro is no different.

Whether you agree that those are reasons to ditch your notebook or not, it's clear the iPad Pro offers plenty to get excited about.

iPad Pro with LTE is mobile. A tablet this size will be placed often in backpacks, bags, or even on a couch cushion.

A hot potato: Back in 2016, Apple claimed in its TV ads that the iPad Pro wasn't just a tablet, but a full computer that was a worthy laptop replacement.

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But not for this reader: "Apple wants you to use the Apple Pencil (not included, of course) as the mouse".

The other major qualm is lack of proper USB support, for example, for being able to transfer files to external storage devices, but also support for connecting to printers and scanners.

Zach Nelson, the guy behind the YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything that is popular for taking phones apart posted a video showing him tearing down an iPad Pro (the teardown is more torture involving a box-cutter, a lighter and other tools rather than systematically taking apart a device piece-by-piece). There are ways to protect the iPad Pro like adding a protective cover and tempered glass, but it may not help a lot.

Apple could go in an entirely new direction for 2018.

Apple gives its iPads and its MacBook Air a makeover in a bid to get you to take them more seriously.

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