New Range Rover Evoque unveiled

New Range Rover Evoque unveiled

Combining unrivalled Range Rover heritage with cutting-edge technology - designed, engineered and manufactured in Britain - it offers something truly unique to today's customers. The architecture is all-new to accommodate both plug-in and mild hybrid systems, with only the door hinges remaining unchanged on the body. "We had to make (the new one) better without disturbing that DNA.' This means the upcoming - arriving at dealerships late spring - 2020 model is, first, instantly recognizable as an Evoque thanks to the retention of distinctive sloped roofline and rising belt line, key identifiers of the crossover specifically and the brand generally".

Styling-wise, the new Evoque is very much a case of evolution rather than revolution, Range Rover being unwilling to tinker too much with a winning formula. "With this, we are introducing new technology and Range Rover refinement into the luxury compact SUV segment that the original model created". "Production overseas will meet local market demand for the latest addition to the Range Rover line-up", JLR said. The entry-level diesel variant will have a manual gearbox in the global market but the rest of the range will use a 9-speed automatic transmission.

There will be a range of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines available, and a three-cylinder petrol joining the mix in 2019.

For it's a Land Rover afterall, talking about the off-road capabilities is a must.

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The mild-hybrid powertrain harvests energy lost during deceleration and redeploys it to assist the engine when the driver accelerates, reducing fuel burn. Although a high-end small SUV was a bit of a novelty when the original vehicle launched in 2011, the new one will be one of many on the market when it arrives on United Kingdom roads next year. Local deliveries are scheduled to begin during the second quarter of 2019. It will mate a new three-cylinder, 197hp, 1.5-litre Ingenium petrol engine to an electric driver motor, and offer a yet-unspecified electric-only range.

Amongst the tech highlights is "Ground View", which uses front mounted cameras to allow the driver to see under the bonnet, plus a ClearSight rear view mirror which uses a rear camera to give an unimpeded, wider view behind the vehicle at the touch of a button no matter how full the cargo space is.

While that might not be overly impressive, the new Evoque makes use of the so-called "transparent hood" technology previewed in 2014. Flick a switch at the bottom of the mirror and the normal mirror image switches to the camera - it doubles your field of view and provides unobstructed vision that rear passengers or luggage might otherwise block.

The Evoque also gets a dual-touchscreen infotainment system borrowed from the Velar, called Touch Pro Duo, that stacks two 10-inch touchscreens on top of each other for entertainment and navigation on top; vehicle functions such as climate control on bottom. For example, I balanced the vehicle on a narrow set of rails with the assistance of ClearSight Ground View, which stitches feeds from three cameras located in the side mirrors and grille to make the front of the auto "vanish" and deliver a high-resolution look at what is happening under and around you.

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