Nancy Pelosi faces key vote this week as Democrats demand rule changes

Nancy Pelosi faces key vote this week as Democrats demand rule changes

In an announcement posted on her campaign website, the newly elected congresswoman also said she planned to vote for "several younger and newer members" for other leadership roles in the Democratic Caucus. Instead, they plan to show that Pelosi lacks the votes to win the race.

Meanwhile, the number of rebels trying to oust Pelosi and vowing they can not be bought off appears to be dwindling.

Lynch admitted that Pelosi would be an effective tactical leader for the Democrats as they attempt to curtail an administration that the party thinks has run afoul of ethical norms and, in some cases, laws in the absence of oversight from the current GOP majority.

Rep. Brian Higgins of NY reversed his position and announced he plans to support Pelosi in exchange for several open-ended commitments from leadership to bring an infrastructure bill to the floor next year, lower health care costs for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and work to make Medicare available to Americans at age 50. Pelosi's path is easier if her foes vote present or are absent.

Elections for House Speaker will occur within the first week of January.

"The whole concept of you can't beat somebody with nobody is a Nancy Pelosi talking point", she said.

She says she appreciates that Pelosi has embraced proposed new rules that will begin to make Congress work better.

"I also have said time and again that whoever would get my vote for speaker had to have a plan for fixing the way business is done (or more recently, not done) in Washington", Davids said.

But after the election delivered Democrats the House majority, it's an approach that may require a leap of faith that other lawmakers are unwilling to take, especially as Pelosi amasses an outpouring of support from advocacy groups, labor unions and even former President Barack Obama in a display of raw power.

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Rep. Kathleen Rice, New York Democrat, pushed back against those arguing that Mrs. Pelosi's victory is inevitable now that she is the only declared candidate.

"For us, our rules proposal isn't about changing leadership; it's about changing a system that stymies the will of the common-sense majority", the group said in a statement Monday, adding that its proposals would "help spur immediate action on health care, immigration and infrastructure". Another would guarantee that any amendment that has at least 20 Democratic and 20 Republican co-sponsors would get a debate and a vote. Pelosi told Bash that she continues to fight because she considers herself an example to other women.

Rep. -elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY said in a tweet: "I hope that we can move swiftly to conclude this discussion about party positions, so that we can spend more time discussing party priorities".

Pelosi has been working to dispatch the obstacles in her path, holding a series of conversations in person and over the phone to win support from her detractors.

Rep. Stephen Lynch had signed a letter pledging to vote against the leader on the floor but says he will back her over a Republican.

- Every Congress, each member will be allowed to introduce one bill for debate and a vote on a committee on which he or she serves.

In an interview Monday, Higgins said he, like many lawmakers, recognized that Pelosi's predicament gave him a unique opportunity to maximize his influence by making it clear precisely what he would need to throw his support to her.

"The first step is showing that she cannot get to 218", Rice told reporters, "and then I believe the challengers will emerge that can allow new members to say, OK, here's another possibility, now I get it".

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