Amazon reveals its own blockchain platform

Amazon reveals its own blockchain platform

Next week developers will be able to purchase the new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) GPU, which includes eight NVIDIA V100 GPUs, 32GB GPU memory, fast NVMe storage, 96 Intel "Skylake" vCPUs, and 100Gbps networking, the new P3dn.24xl instances are the most powerful machine learning training processors available in the cloud, allowing developers to train models with more data in less time. "It is not an easy back-and-forth now in those environments".

He said that is why AWS has been spending so much time and investment, and has made so many releases in the ML and AI space in the last few years.

One such ML service is SageMaker that has been given a fresh makeover, to make it easier for customers to build, train and deploy models.

As the cloud has increasingly become the default choice for organisations, it has attracted two distinct types of builders. Ethereum, however, is not yet available for the development of the platform.

Amazon's new service is yet another facet of the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of the company that has dominated cloud computing.

In addition to the vehicle itself, AWS is launching the DeepRacer League, an autonomous racing league that will hold matches at Amazon cloud events all next year.

These services automate multi-step processes to get customers up and running more quickly, while also centralising management of crucial elements of their AWS environment, helping maintain consistency and providing more complete visibility.

AWS also announced its AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning, which is stocked with more than 150 algorithms and models that can be deployed directly to SageMaker.

Enterprises migrating to AWS often need to manage a large number of accounts, distributed teams, and applications.

And they want all of this without sacrificing the speed and agility of AWS.

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This is actually not AWS' first deal with the satellite industry.

AWS Container Competency: Trend Micro has achieved AWS Container Competency status.

The second product announced by Amazon was the AWS Managed Blockchain.

Customers ultimately want "the lowest possible prices", Jassy said in a session with reporters.

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AWS Security Hub: Trend Micro can now send key security events to the new AWS Security Hub. Another is Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, a variant of the company's database technology used to track changes within its massive cloud services.

On the somewhat lighter side, AWS also announced the AWS DeepRacer, which is now under pre-order. The service will give business the ability to run AWS infrastructure and services on-premises to deliver a truly consistent hybrid experience. It is the latest example of the giant provider of the cloud services building next-gen processors. It's trained using reinforcement learning, an AI technique that means the vehicle will learn to drive better through trial and error. The solution allows one entity to own the ledger, but allow other organizations to access the data on it.

Amazon plans to use reinforcement learning for more serious tasks in the future.

How the machine learning service will fit in with Amazon's other healthcare endeavors remains to be seen, but there is little question that the company is gunning for a level of insight into personal health that will place it head and shoulders above any other competitors. "No data processed by the service is stored or used for training", it said.

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