Syria: we downed Israeli plane and missiles

Syria: we downed Israeli plane and missiles

The report by the SANA news outlet does not specify the "enemy" that was targeted.

"Our air defences fired on hostile targets over the Kisweh area and downed them", SANA said, citing a military source.

The Israeli military refused to comment on the raid, but denied a report in Russian media that an Israeli plane had been shot down.

State TV reported that Syrian air force fired anti-air missiles in response to the strike, adding that all enemy targets were destroyed and that the foreign attack failed to achieve its intended goals, reports Xinhua news agency.

"Our missile defenses opened fire at hostile targets and downed several of them above the southern outskirts of the capital", the agency quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

Another missile hit the area of Harfa, where there is a Syrian military base, the Britain-based monitor said.

The Syrian military claimed its air defenses shot down all incoming "hostile targets" late Thursday.

Hitting nothing was still enough for Israel to spend a solid hour striking targets around south Syria and metro Damascus.

Israeli police recommend Benjamin Netanyahu face bribery prosecution
It is claimed Netanyahu and his advisers supported regulations worth hundreds of millions of dollars to telecom company Bezeq. Two of his top confidants have turned state witnesses and are believed to have provided police with incriminating evidence.

#IDF says all reports of an #Israeli plane being hit by #Syrian air defense are false.

Russian Federation is a key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and its intervention in the civil war, beginning in 2015, turned the tide in his favor.

Moscow pinned responsibility for the downing of its jet on Israel, saying its plane used the larger Russian one for cover, an allegation Israel disputed.

Israel has repeatedly warned that it will act to prevent Iran from consolidating itself militarily in Syria, and continue to strike weapons convoys en route from Tehran to Hezbollah.

After the September attack, during which 15 Russian servicemen were killed, Russia and the Syrian government blamed Israel for the crash, and Moscow was quick to equip Damascus with the advanced S-300 air defence system.

There was no evidence that the S-300 batteries were used to intercept Thursday night's missiles.

The bill would facilitate the continued use of economic sanctions and visa restrictions to hold accountable members of the Syrian government, the White House statement added.

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