Don't panic! "Friends" will still be there for you on Netflix

Don't panic!

For all the talk of Netflix being able to survive mostly on the strength of its original content, there was certainly a significant amount of uproar yesterday when it looked like Friends was leaving the streaming service's library.

The UK and Ireland account confirmed that the show will remain available there too - a very good thing, since it was only added in January of this year.

The holiday armadillo has granted your Christmas wish early: Friends is staying on Netflix! Netflix made the announcement Monday following social media backlash from dedicated fans who spotted an expiration date suggesting that the NBC hit from the 90s would only be available until the end of this year.

Netflix is reportedly spending a ton of money to keep all seasons of Friends on the streaming service in 2019!

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According to a data analysis from 7Park Data, "Friends" has been one of the most popular TV series on Netflix, ranking in top 10 of the most-viewed licensed TV shows for the 12 months period that ended September 2017.

"Wasn't sure what I wanted to start watching on Netflix next and then saw that Friends is leaving on January 1st", one user said.

Some hardcore fans of the classic sitcom were anxious the show was going to be cut from Netflix in the new year. But it came with a lofty price tag: Netflix shelled out $118 million (pennies for the service today) for the streaming rights and to digitally remaster every single episode for HD streaming capabilities. Disney will be launching its own streaming service Disney+ in 2019, and is slowly pulling Disney, Marvel and Star Wars content from Netflix and allowing the Marvel shows it makes in partnership with Netflix to end.

While the battle might have been won, the next one might be far more hard to fight.

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