Google Announces Acceleration of Plus Service Shut Down

Google Announces Acceleration of Plus Service Shut Down

As a result, and with maintaining the social network for a stagnant number of users an increasing headache, Google opted to instead shut down Google+ on the consumer side.

The bug that caused for this new round of leaked data was only around for six days (November 7 - November 13) before Google caught wind of it and terminated it. Data made available to developers includes the likes of users' names, email addresses, occupations, and age. And now it seems the wind-down of Google+ is becoming equally as nettlesome as Google is now having to shut it down earlier than planned because of yet another data leak.

Just as with the original bug that brought the site down, Thacker says the company has no evidence third-party developers misused the bug or were aware it existed. What's more, the security hole has already been patched so the service's few remaining fans will be able to enjoy it, at least until the spring.

While Google assures that it believes that the developers actually didn't misuse this access since they weren't aware about it and the bug was fixed within a week, the company has still changed its initial plans.

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Because of this bug - which Google says impacts data associated with some 52.5 million users - the company is nixing all Google+ APIs within 90 days. Apps could also access the aforementioned profile information that was shared with another user but was not shared publicly.

Google can't close down its troubled Google Plus social network soon enough.

"The bug did not give developers access to information such as financial data, national identification numbers, passwords, or similar data typically used for fraud or identity theft", Monday's post said. While a version intended for team collaboration within the enterprise would persist, the public Google+ would be shut down. Monday's post didn't say how numerous affected users were consumers versus enterprise customers.

Google says it's now reaching out to users impacted, and it'll continue to offer tools to those who want to save or migrate their data.

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