Strange Light Over New York, Power Outages Following Transformer Explosion

Strange Light Over New York, Power Outages Following Transformer Explosion

Video posted on social media shows the sky glowing a light blue color as an explosion could be seen off in the distance.

The New York fire department confirmed they had received multiple reports of explosions in the Long Island City and Astoria area, which they had responded to. "As soon as we have more information, we will share it".

NY fire officials said they were investigating the "transformer incident" after receiving numerous reports of "explosions" in Long Island City and Astoria.

Later shortly after 11 p.m., NYPD posted: "No injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity".

The public is being advised to avoid the vicinity of the power plant on 20th Ave and 31st Street. Power has since been restored but not before Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines diverted some of their flights to nearby airports.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said that LaGuardia Airport is "temporarily closed due to a power outage resulting from the Con Edison explosion".

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Inbound flights were held at their point of origin during this time.

Social media was ablaze with pictures of the sky, which flickered and was so bright it appeared to be day.

Authorities are investigating an apparent power plant explosion. "It's 9pm and the sky is NEON BLUE", one user wrote alongside a photo of the sky.

The MTA also reported issues on the No. 7 train because of the outages.

"What's uh this freak blue explosion lighting up the sky in NYC?" another tweet read.

Karol Markowicz said: 'Wtf if this insane bright blue light over Brooklyn?!?'

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