Have you seen 'Bird Box'? Netflix says basically everyone else has

Have you seen 'Bird Box'? Netflix says basically everyone else has

Movie studios don't always know how audiences will react to a film and, while some plot points might seem innocuous to the powers that be, certain viewers can pick up on themes the filmmakers didn't and point out a project's failures.

In "Bird Box", Bullock plays a mother of two children desperately trying to survive in a world overrun with monsters who can kill you just by being seen. We don't know if an "account" is defined as having watched Bird Box if, for example, somebody autoplays it by accident and stops after five seconds.

Shares of Netflix are up 33% YTD.

Finally, it is the movie Netflix said Friday had been watched by about 45 million accounts since its December 21 debut - the best first seven days for a film released on the platform. But where exactly do they appear? As many pointed out, with the amount of viewers who share accounts, there really is no telling how many actual people have seen Bird Box. In other words, Netflix only applied the 70-percent-counts-as-one-view trick for Bird Box.

It is worth wondering whether such statistics can influence the filmmaker's career, given that they can't be backed up.

Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes power to UFC title triumphs
Nunes, the UFC women's bantamweight champion who now also holds the featherweight belt, went at it immediately against Cyborg. The results showed that the same M3 metabolite had been in Jones' body from his UFC 214 fight with Cormier in July.

Took off my blindfold this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box - best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!

Earlier in the month, Netflix US had revealed its list of shows that had the highest view time per session: On My Block, Making a Murderer: Part 2 and 13 Reasons Why: Season 2 led the list, followed by Last Chance U: INDY, Bodyguard, Fastest Car, The Haunting of Hill House, Anne with an E: Season 2, Insatiable and Orange is the New Black: Season 6.

The task requires participants to attempt to do things blindfolded like Bullock's character in the film. Directed by Sussane Bier (The Night Manager), the film packs in a killer ensemble cast including Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Lil Rey Howery, Danielle Macdonald, and Jacki Weaver.

Or maybe it was all the jokes and memes filling the internet - they are good publicity, after all.

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