Huawei punishes employees for tweeting New Year’s wishes from an iPhone

Huawei punishes employees for tweeting New Year’s wishes from an iPhone

Apple also expects to have $130 billion in cash after the quarter ends and it's planning to become net-cash neutral in the future, which means the it will strive to have an even amount of cash coming in and cash going out.

In this case, the two employees have apparently been bumped down to lower-level jobs (though we don't know what they are - hopefully not toilet cleaning) and had their salaries cut.

CEO Tim Cook made the announcement after the market closed last night, giving credence to the fears of some investors, who have been dumping Apple shares amid signs the latest iPhone models weren't living up to sales expectations.

Apple may have not sold as many iPhones as it would have wanted during the Christmas quarter, but the iPhone remains the most coveted smartphone out there.

Cook also cited "rising trade tensions with the United States" as a factor impacting the economic environment in China.

Investors learned of the news in a letter sent to them by chief executive Tim Cook on Wednesday afternoon (New York time).

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China's economy started slowing down in the second half of 2018, and its September-quarter GDP was the second lowest in 25 years, Mr Cook wrote.

Apple's stock plunged 7 percent to $146.40 in extended trading.

He, however, clarified that all other "categories outside of iPhone (Services, Mac, iPad, Wearables, Home, Accessories) combined to grow nearly 19 percent year-over-year".

The company is chalking that up to poor iPhone sales, particularly in China.

Apple's plan to improve results, he said, consists of making it simpler to trade in a phone at Apple Stores, finance phone purchases over time, and get help transferring data from a current phone to a new phone, among other things.

Apple is now the highest-profile multinational corporation to warn that the economic slowdown in China could hurt its business. Revenue outside of the iPhone business grew by almost 19 percent year-over-year, according to Cook. The company said wearables sales grew by nearly 50% over last year's holiday quarter, the Apple Watch and AirPods being especially popular this year.

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