Is this the iPhone XI for 2019?

Is this the iPhone XI for 2019?

The leaked renders show a sleek and shiny black iPhone with a 3D curved glass back and rounded corners.

The next iPhone could sport a three-camera system on the back similar to Android rivals like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. But seasoned Apple watchers will recognise last year as an "S" upgrade year where the company just bolsters its design from the previous year. Above the third camera is an LED flash and a microphone on the bottom. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are still dual-camera phones, but Apple has been known to be late to the game. It would have been fine until there, but Apple seems to have made a decision to put an LED flash on top of the third camera and a microphone below it. The device will be launching later this year, however, its first render leak has already shown up online. There's just too much happening in that little space and doesn't match with Jony Ive's ideas.

A further tweet from @OnLeaks claims that the 2019 phones are still undergoing the Engineering Validation Test (EVT): there could be major changes by the time the phones officially launch in September.

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The weakening will also likely slow the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes, which will weaken the US dollar. There are some indications from China that they're looking at that, but we don't know that yet.

All that camera technology plastered on the back of a sleek, Apple iPhone leads to a super-sized camera bump that we feel will split opinion. But it is something that was expected based on some reports from a year ago.

The third camera is reportedly a Time of Flight sensor (ToF) that creates a 3D spatial map by calculating how long it takes light to bounce off a surface.

A recent Bloomberg story mentioned that Apple is interested in Sony's new ToF sensors. Digit believes it's most likely the top-of-the-line iPhone of 2019. It still remains to be seen. Tipster OnLeaks and Digit India published a bunch of renders yesterday of what might be the iPhone XI, which you can see above and below.

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