Google Assistant makes its way into Google Maps

Google Assistant makes its way into Google Maps

On Tuesday, the company gave us a complete list of what to expect from the voice assistant over the next year, and from the looks of it, Google Assistant could potentially integrate almost every facet of our lives.

According to the company, the Assistant in Maps will allow the consumers to share their ETA with friends and family, reply to text messages, play music, search for places, and add a new stop in navigation. An addition here, though, is that you will be able to link up with Chromecast for more video and TV control. At participating Hyatt hotels, Interpreter Mode will enable guests and colleagues that speak different languages to communicate via spoken and written translations of their own languages on a Google Home Hub.

Google is rolling out Interpreter Mode over the next few weeks to Google Home and Smart Display devices. Additionally, the Mountain View-based company showed off a cute little Smart Clock from Lenovo as well as a bunch of upcoming vehicle accessories from Anker and JBL that will include Google Assistant.

This news was announced alongside that the Assistant now works with over 1,600 home automation brands and on more than 10,000 devices. The device can manage your routines, wake you up with auto-adjusting brightness and animations, and control your smart home devices. But it's great that Sonos is even contemplating breaking down the voice assistant barriers. Google also promises to bring support for Google Keep,, Bring! and Todoist.

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Meanwhile, for all your bedside requests, Google also showed off Lenovo's new Smart Clock which puts all of the Assistant's features in a handy $80 (£63) companion (UK pricing and availability TBA).

Google has some bright new ideas for the Google Assistant over 2019. Meanwhile, applications such as Google Maps would also include Assistant functionality, which will make driving safer. It will be initially available for domestic flights with United Airlines in the US. The Assistant now also have the potency to become the interpreter for dozens of languages.

While Sonos users will soon be able to choose between Alexa and Google on their devices, Sonos is hoping to go one further and eradicate that choice. "The complexity of the integration has meant that it has taken this long", a spokesperson at Sonos told us.

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