Speaker Pelosi asks President Trump to postpone State of the Union address

Speaker Pelosi asks President Trump to postpone State of the Union address

"I will say the Republicans are really, really sticking together". "It will be interesting".

Food and drug inspections have been curtailed but about 400 US Food and Drug Administration staffers returned to work, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said. "I'd like to see us have a breakthrough here".

He is now insisting that Democrats cave to his demands and has said he is prepared to continue the shutdown for months, or even years, if necessary.

Describing the fare as "great American food", per a pool report, Trump said: "If it's American, I like it. It's all American stuff", he added.

It was certainly a different kind of White House cuisine, but Lawrence told TMZ after the event that he "loved" the spread. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, Trump said he had a "choice" of possibly having "no food" for the players "because of the shutdown".

You'd expect a fancy feast when visiting the White House, but the shutdown meant that many of its staff were furloughed. "Or do I send out for about 1,000 hamburgers?"

With White House residence staff among those hit by the U.S. government shutdown, Donald Trump personally ordered in an "all American" feast of burgers and pizza on Monday for a visiting football team.

"We're talking about border security", Trump said.

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The lunar probe and its rover, Yutu-2, transmitted the first-ever "close range" image of the far side of the moon last week. With the ability to grow edible plants, astronauts could grow and harvest their own food, enabling long-term habitation.

Curry's restaurant, International Smoke, is located in Houston and it is a collaboration between herself and Chef Michael Mina.

"We have everything that I like, that you like", Trump continued, "and I know no matter what we did, there's nothing you could have that's better than that, right?"

The Clemson Tigers, dressed to the nines and now the NCAA college football national champions, were treated to silver platters piled high with Mcdonald's Big Macs and Wendy's burgers - and no shortage of fries.

"The President has a proposal on the table that includes additional technology at ports of entry, allows minors from Central America to seek asylum in their home country, and physical barriers between ports of entry made of steel instead of concrete", Sanders said.

The U.S. leader contended that the top congressional Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, "can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes". "We don't have a lot of money here".

Trump, who a week ago seemed intent on declaring a national emergency in order to build the wall, has turned his attention back to Congress as polling suggests he is taking much of the blame for the standoff. "Mr. President, is it possible you're just projecting your favorite foods onto them?"

"I can't believe this boy from Fayetteville, NC got to eat McDonald's with his wife and some of his closest friends in the White House", Miguel Chavis, Clemson football's assistant for defensive player development, said in the post.

Pelosi told Hoyer: 'They can see what we've been dealing with.

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