European Union says it will not renegotiate Brexit deal

European Union says it will not renegotiate Brexit deal

He added: "The priority now is to await events, monitor what is happening (with) the ratification procedure on the United Kingdom side and no, there will not be any meeting between the commission and our negotiator teams".

It is also predicted to wreak havoc on the Irish economy, costing thousands of jobs.

Following the vote, Goldman Sachs nudged up its estimated probability of a no-deal Brexit to 15pc from 10pc.

He said: "We delayed the parliamentary vote from 11 December until January - and then lost by the biggest majority ever against a government". "Today we need to send an emphatic message about what we do want".

She is examining three options to deal with the unpopular Irish backstop, which is aimed at keeping the border open in case no long-term trade deal can be agreed.

In a statement following the call, the Irish government said: "The Taoiseach set out once again the unchanged Irish and European Union position on the Withdrawal Agreement and the backstop, noting that the latest developments had reinforced the need for a backstop which is legally robust and workable in practice".

She said: "No one is building border checkpoints".

The EU wouldn't risk offering concessions when it seemed unlikely that Britain would accept them.

She was not specific on what the alternative arrangements to the backstop might be.

Guy Verhofstadt, who heads the European Parliament's six-member Brexit steering group, said the backstop clause was "absolutely needed" and there was hardly room to change the deal.

Presented by Labour MP Yvette Cooper, it would have cleared the Commons timetable on Feb 5 for a debate on a law to delay, if the government failed to agree a Brexit deal by Feb 26. The adjusted figures will allow the European Union to accurately gauge its progress towards energy efficiency and wider climate targets.

Snow and ice warnings as bitter chill blasts Britain
Temperatures are again going to be cold this evening, however they are not likely to reach the same lows as last night. Meanwhile, images posted online showed firefighters working with shovels to clear a route out of their stations.

The Institute for Government's Jill Rutter described it as "unnegotiable", based on ideas that had been rejected "time and again" by Brussels.

LANGFITT: But not everyone in Dublin thinks the Irish government has played the Brexit border issue wisely.

But its inclusion in Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement - the legally binding element of her Brexit deal - has been a major sticking point in getting the deal through the Commons.

She said alternatives to the backstop had been "extensively discussed at the negotiating table".

LANGFITT: The EU has backed Ireland's position on the border.

During the 1960s, a political division began over the constitutional status of Northern Ireland; for almost 40 years, a violent ethno-nationalist conflict between the Nationalists (for one Ireland, a nation state), Republicans (mostly Catholics) against Unionists (political union with UK) and Loyalists (mainly protestant monarchists opposing a United Ireland) continued. "Quite simply, taking such a bribe would be fool's gold", he wrote in an article for Labour List.

May said on Tuesday that if she had no new deal to put to MPs before Feb 13, then they would be able to vote on the next steps on Feb 14.

But, on Tuesday, May said those proposing alternatives to the backstop "are not indulging in fantasies".

Both Juncker and the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, however, said that they would reject any British efforts to renegotiate the Irish border backstop.

As the countdown continues to Britain crashing out of the union without agreement next month, Ireland is trying to cement EU support for stopping fresh attempts by London to reopen the Brexit deal.

"I'm suspicious that there is a program of running down the clock here".

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