Prospective 2020 candidates make statements with State of the Union guests

Prospective 2020 candidates make statements with State of the Union guests

Those are just a few of the adjectives President Donald Trump's aides are using to describe the State of the Union address he will deliver Tuesday evening. The State of the Union address had to be postponed by a week because of the partial government shutdown precipitated by the standoff between the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and the executive branch over the president's proposed wall. A true call for greater cooperation would include some indication from Trump on how he might bend on specific issues so GOP-Democratic deals would even be possible.

Foreign policy has been another area where Republicans have increasingly been willing to distance themselves from the president. The counter-puncher in chief charged Schumer with being "upset that he didn't win the Senate, after spending a fortune, like he thought he would".

Senators and Congress members will be sending their own messages, with many bringing guests from either side of the border wall dispute. Still, the president was expected to hammer his case that the situation at the southern border represents a humanitarian and security crisis. And when it comes to the president's requested $5.7 billion in border wall funding, he's hit a brick wall of naysayers. That would mean no more tacit and/or quiet support for the president-if Senate Republicans are put on the spot, they'll have to declare not only their support for the wall, but also their support for both a completely unpopular national state of emergency and the prospect of another shutdown. "That's what it is, that's what they're doing, it's bad?"

Hanging over it all will be Robert Mueller's investigation, which has so far resulted in indictments or guilty pleas from six Trump associates and has inched closer to the president with the recent indictment of longtime ally Roger Stone. He has said the wall, which he promised during his 2016 campaign and said Mexico would pay for, is needed to deter illegal immigration and drugs. In short, the government might have re-opened, but little has changed.

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While it's likely he will reiterate his demands for billions of dollars in funding for a wall along the southern USA border, Trump could also use the address to make a pitch for more bipartisan issues, including health care, infrastructure and economic growth. Should the president do that Tuesday night, it would likely be met with an uncomfortable reaction from Republicans inside the chamber. He believes the declaration would allow him to fund construction of a border wall without congressional approval. They call him an idiot. Despite the objections of some advisers, Trump announced in December that he was withdrawing United States forces in Syria. He also relishes working without a script, ad-libbing his way through rallies and impromptu question-and-answer sessions with reporters at the White House. Many of them became Trump's biggest cheerleaders when it was convenient, but now he's pushed them into an uncomfortable game of political brinkmanship, and no matter what path they choose-hurt the country by supporting a totally unnecessary state of emergency, or hurt themselves by voting against Trump-they're going to suffer.

Looking forward to presidential elections in 2020, attempting to move past the backlash from the longest government shutdown in American history and highlighting the accomplishments of his first term, Trump appears poised to deliver a State of the Union address marked by well-worn themes.

But the circumstances around Tuesday night's remarks are unusual.

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