Top US general says Trump did not consult him on Syria announcement

Top US general says Trump did not consult him on Syria announcement

Mr Trump told CBS on Sunday he meant to keep an "incredible" base being used by U.S. troops to combat the jihadist group Islamic State "because I want to be looking a little bit at Iran".

United States officials told Reuters that the military has already started the withdrawal process, adding hundreds of troops to Syriato facilitate a safe pullout.

"If they are slaughtered by the Turks within reasonable proximity to our leaving, it will be a stain on our honor of this country that will persist ... in our ability to attract allies to assist us in future projects of this kind", King said.

"This is what a lot of people don't understand", added Trump."We're going to keep watching, and we're going to keep seeing, and if there's trouble-if somebody is looking to do nuclear weapons or other things-we're going to know it before they do".

After Trump made an unannounced visit to an air base in western Iraq in December, some Iraqi lawmakers pledged to draft a bill calling for the expulsion of American forces altogether, while others called for revising an agreement to significantly draw down the approximately 5,200 American troops in the country.

Trump also said he wants to leave troops in Iraq, however, in order to keep an eye on the regime in Iran. Iran has been deepening its influence in Iraq since the U.S.'s 2003 invasion. "The a major power.but do not pursue your own policy priorities, we live here".

'We do have to keep pressure on this network.

The detail that Trump did not speak to Votel ahead of the momentous decision will likely fuel critics who say the president refuses to listen to experts and instead relies on his gut - or even the counsel of foreign leaders.

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Iraq announced the fight against ISIS was over on December 9, 2017, after the group seized the country's second-largest city Mosul, as well as one-third of the rest of the country, before being toppled by an Iraqi military campaign that was backed by the US -led coalition.

Mr Saleh said on Monday that the United States had not asked Iraq's permission to do so.

According to NPR, Trump's comments also sparked the ire of Iraq's main militias, who said they could push for a vote in parliament to kick out USA troops.

Trump's intelligence chief has described the Hashd as the "primary threat" to the U.S. in Iraq.

Separately, the USA called on nations around the world to take back their citizens who fought for Islamic State and are now being held by the SDF in Syria. His visit sparked outrage in Iraq when he failed to meet with any Iraqi officials.

President Donald Trump is expected to declare near-total triumph over the Islamic State group in Syria in his State of the Union address Tuesday, but USA defense officials are increasingly fearful that the militants are simply biding their time until the Americans leave the battlefield as planned.

But Trump's planned meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi was canceled over a dispute about the location of the meeting. However, Turkey's Islamist president, Recep Erdogan, called the demand "a very serious mistake" and flatly told U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton, "We can not make any concessions in this regard".

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