A special kind of shade: Nancy Pelosi, Democrats display disapproval of SOTU

A special kind of shade: Nancy Pelosi, Democrats display disapproval of SOTU

Jobs and electoral victories were a couple examples of a theme running through Trump's State of the Union address: outreach to women.

Sherman saw Trump dealing with issues that appeal to most Americans at the beginning and end of his remarks, but the middle of the speech was all about his push for $5.7 billion for a border wall, which Democrats oppose, as a February 15 deadline to prevent another government shutdown looms.

Hours earlier, Frankel tweeted: "At State of the Union tonight, @realDonaldTrump will look out at the House Chamber and see a sea of #Suffragette white sending the message loud&clear that @HouseDemWomen are fighting for the economic security of women & families".

The women - and a few men - gathered on the steps of the Capitol Visitors Centre, all wearing white.

However, that issue might also energize Democratic voters - women in particular - in 2020.

Whether Tiffany meant to make a rebellious style statement or not, Donald Trump's daughter definitely caused a buzz with her recycled monochrome outfit, which was also once worn by Ivanka Trump in 2018.

Numerous women were dressed in all white in tribute to the women's suffrage movement to mark 100 years since U.S. women were allowed to vote.

"Stacey will speak from both her heart and life experience about the grace of community that lifts us and heals in times of need", said Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist close to Abrams.

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The CNN poll showed that 87 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of independents said it was very positive, but 64 percent of Democrats said it was very or somewhat negative.

There are 127 women in the House and Senate this year, up from 104 in the last Congress.

There were white pantsuits, of course. Even a puffy zip snow vest.

The simplicity of white offered a reminder that fashion is often political.

As House Democrats sat stoically, with many members dressed in white, Trump seemed to be enjoying himself. But the vast majority of them, about 90, are Democrats.

This is not the first time female members of Congress have worn white for the high profile speech. Abrams often said her student loans and other debts amassed caring for family members left her more empathetic than most politicians to what the majority of USA households experience in day-to-day life.

Our Women in White, our modern feminists, are not as intersectional as they claim.

As soon as the speech was done, the women headed for the doors, their place in history, in white, complete.

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